Can Diabetes Cause Hair Loss?

Diabetes is one of the common diseases that most Indian people suffer from. Out of 4 people, at least 1 person will have diabetes. A diabetes patient goes through major body changes than a normal and healthy person.

Even some of our patients are also diabetic and the main question is if Diabetes is the major reason behind their hair fall. According to our doctors at Delhi Hair transplant clinic, diabetes may not be the only reason behind it but it can be one of the reasons. We can not deny the fact that diabetic patients suffer more hair loss than other people.

This may be because of their body changes and stress levels. They may also have low immunity and low blood supply. Because of the diet and supplements, the important nutrients needed for hair growth are not achieved by the body. As we have said there is a low blood supply, it simply means that all the important nutrients present in the blood will not reach the roots of the hair which makes it difficult to maintain the growth and volume of hair.

Therefore, hair loss is more commonly seen in diabetic patients than normal patients. Do not worry if you also have diabetes and you are facing hair loss, our doctors at Delhi hair transplant clinic can help you with it. You can contact us for a consultation to get your shiny and voluminous hair back.

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