Platelet Rich Plasma

Platelet Rich Plasma

Hair loss is kind of a bummer for everybody, especially men. Hair loss may result in low self-esteem and a
lack of confidence. to urge over matters of hair loss, having a PRP treatment is best. It helps to
enhance the look.

Platelet-rich-plasma (PRP) therapy is that the latest treatment for hair thinning. PRP is that the newest style of
regenerating hair naturally. PRP treatment is cost-effective, and Delhi Hair Transplant Clinic is well-known for its one among
the best PRP treatments in Delhi with quality services at a good price.

The therapy is distributed with the employment of your own blood which eliminates the likelihood of any quite
allergy reactions. it’s conducted under the effect of general anesthesia. The procedure involves drawing
your blood and spinning it in a very centrifuge to separate PRP. Then the mixture is infused back to the
scalp with the assistance of injections or a derma roller. Platelets present within the blood contain growth factors
that activate and regulate body cells. the entire procedure takes only 20 to half-hour. Also, The
therapy improves the standard of existing hairs making them thicker and longer.
Before getting a PRP Treatment, consult a medical practitioner. At Delhi Hair Transplant Clinic, you’ll get personalized
consultation for the PRP treatments.


I. Drawing out the patient’s own blood
PRP therapy is administered with the utilisation of the patient’s own blood. this can be done to eliminate the
possibility of any quite hypersensitive reaction. Also, it provides natural-looking results without coming to

II. Centrifugation of the /patient’s blood
After taking the desired amount of blood, it’s placed in an exceeding centrifuge. Centrifugation is that the process of
separating fluids of various densities.

III. Processing and collection of PRP
The process of double centrifugation is employed to separate the PRP (Platelet-rich-plasma) from the blood.
Platelets contain growth factors that activate and regulate the patient’s body cells.

IV. Injecting PRP into patient’s desired scalp site
After collecting the PRP out of blood, the mixture is infused back to the patient’s scalp with the assistance of
injections or a derma roller. Results are visible soon after the treatment.

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