Unshaven FUE Hair Transplant

Unshaven FUE Hair Transplant

It seems as though the popularity of baldness treatments and procedures is on the rise. This could be due to a number of factors, such as an increased awareness of the options available, more celebrities going bald, or simply because more men are experiencing hair loss at younger ages. Whatever the reason, it is clear that people are interested in finding ways to restore their hair. And one of the newer procedures on the scene is FUE hair transplantation. 

What is Unshaven FUE Hair Transplant?

Unshaven Hair Transplant or U-FUE is referred to as Undetectable FUE. This is a technique in which hair transplantation is performed or done without trimming or grating the obtaining or receipt region. It is not very similar to the traditional FUE. Generally, in the conventional procedure, all hair is shaved to correct the method of removal and positioning of the graft.

​Who Is The Right Candidate For U-FUE?

Who is the right Candidate for U-FUE is a common question as everyone is not eligible for this process. Supporting a kid is seeing some hair problems and being fascinated by the advantages and trying something new, they do this; the result can be severe. 

There apart, if you have a minimal hair issue and undergo this procedure, you’ll face a lot of serious complications. So, for your knowledge, here are a few details about who can do this surgery:

Those who have the very same skin or color (both men & women): Meaning, men and women who have very similar skin tone or color, which could be a perfect match, can do this surgery. They are a fit for U-FUE Hair Transplant.

Those who are seeing continuous Hair Loss: Then come those who are witnessing a constant Hair Loss or thinning for years ( this could be one year or even five years). Any man & woman suffering from this can do this U-FUE Hair Transplant for better results.

Those who have been seeing hair balding since their Childhood: There are a lot of men & women who have faced this problem Since their childhood, and they ignored it that time. As a result, the issues keep increasing and one day reach their peak. And after growing older, the men & women face serious hair thinning. Hence, people like these are the right candidate for this.

People were having a severe scalp laxity turning into a convenient extraction and transplantation of hair follicles: Men & women who suffer from a High Scalp loss owing to various factors and to prevent this issue from being more serious they choose to have a U-FUE Hair Transplant.

Procedure of U-FUE

This procedure is not entirely but a bit similar to the traditional methods. That is, like in a conventional FUE Hair Transplant, hairs are generally taken out in order ( one by one) from an area where the presence of hair is quite strong (refers to the donor area)  and then locked or transplanted in the area where there’s no hair. 

In contrast to that, the U-FUE method is more intricate and needs more potential to be performed. Here the primary responsibility lies on the surgeon; the surgeon has to put all the skills to mark the healthiest hair and perform the surgery likewise. After you are done with the hair taken out, the fiber of hair is cut off, leaving only the grafts to be carefully implanted.

Next comes the positioning of grafts; the Grafts are positioned securely and then incorporated in the thinning or balding zones in an excellent way that makes them look natural and organic. 

Even though the procedure is straightforward and not as complicated as the traditional one ( even though there are similarities), the narrow meddling nature of the technique makes patients often fall asleep while grafts are extracted and transplanted.

Advantages of U-FUE

Graft cultivating takes place without causing any injury to the tissues around the hair follicles: Generally, what happens is, after any Hair Transplant, at the time of Graft Cultivation, it directly or indirectly influences the tissues present. But opposite to that, in this process, the graft forms without causing any damage to tissues present across the hair follicles.

No linear scar happens: As you undergo surgery, the linear spots crop up due to the post-surgery. But unlike other surgeries, this surgery won’t show any linear scar formation post this is performed.

Local anesthesia also works:  The entire process for this method can also be done under local anesthesia. And this shows that you don’t have to spend a lot of money on the page-3 clinics. A local hospital is also eligible to do this Hair Transplant.

This technique for Hair Transplant makes sure that the patient gets natural-looking & organic-like hair: This technique is very famous for making your transplanted hair look like the natural one ( this touch is mostly not seen in the traditional ones).

No shaving is required: The zone where the Surgery or Transplant is performed is required. After the surgery, that specific hair that is extracted is not shaved. 

The Recovery Period Is Fast: The recovery period is minimal. After the surgery, you can quickly recover after just 1-2 days. You won’t have to ultimately observe for a specific period with all the major precarious. 

Easy-Going For Both Men And Women: Compared to another type of Hair Transplant, this is much easier & convenient for both the men and women to perform, as not primarily seen in other surgeries or methods of Hair Transplant.

Pain is Less: Traditional method or we can also say that the other techniques present for the Hair Transplant are as much more painful and bothersome. There are a lot of post-surgical complications as well. But this method has nothing such. It is not at all as sad as them. That means you can be comfortable with this method.

Before Surgery of U-FUE

Before the Surgery, the patient will first have to approach a U-FUE surgeon to discuss their hair condition in detail. Then, the Surgeon will take some course of action, will review your hair condition, and tell whether you should perform this Surgery or not. If the Surgeon asks you to do the Surgery, you won’t have to be worried as the procedure is straightforward; even local anesthesia is involved for the entire Surgery. And the recovery period is significantly less. Once the Surgery is done, you’ll again get back your natural hair-like structure.

After Surgery of U-FUE

Post-surgery, you can expect to experience wholly fit and fine. Although there will be a slight numbness that is natural and eventually comes after every other Surgery, that won’t last long like in the others. You’ll feel active and regular right after the surgical procedure. But, you are instructed not to rest for at least one to two days ( which is enough). This would eventually bring more energy & freshness to you.

After completing the procedure, the doctor will place a  light bandage over the area where the hair has been extracted from your head ( which eventually is taken out of the backside). Nevertheless, the particular hair transplant zone will be left exposed. Therefore, you have to ensure that nothing should contact that receipt area for the first 3 hours of the Surgery. This time is susceptible, and the grafts take time for recovery. And thus, make sure that you completely take note of this part.

Then on, the Surgeon most likely will provide you with all the essential & required medications, which are mandatory even after a minor Surgery (it will include painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs to avoid any possible future pain). 

It is also essential as it is part of the post-operative recovery. If you took any medications before the Surgery, you could continue to take them following the Surgery.

Furthermore, the minimalist possibility of slight swelling or numbness as stated above can be seen among the patients for hardly a couple of days. This will eventually be cured within the time frame.

What To Expect & Medications?

Since there are a lot of exceptions to this Surgery, people won’t be disappointed at all. This Surgery will bring back your hair and get those natural aesthetics back to your hair. Your hair will look as if it is natural, and no single sign of the Surgery will reflect in its structure. This is not primarily seen in other forms of Hair Transplant. 

And fortunately, this is what is the specification present in this. Apart from this, the entire procedure of the Surgery is not very painful but easy-going ( which is the positive side). 

Coming again to the medication part – the medication part has nothing unique or different. The Surgeon will use the anesthesia and some other ointments at the time of the Surgery and Post-surgery, respectively ( this is normal). 

Moving to the next part, once the Surgery is wholly done and so with the bandage and all, the Surgeon will ask you to take some of the anti-inflammatory drugs prescribed; you have to take them on time and avoid reaching out right after the Surgery. You have to rest for two to three days and take care of your diet regularly. This is all that it is. Nothing more is there.

U-FUE Hair Transplant Cost

The following critical thought in the line is as apparent as the others: the cost for U-FUE Hair Transplant. Generally, one can forget to ask a surgeon anything, but the entire expenses or cost of the Surgery can never be missed. So, what does the U-FUE Hair Transplant cost? How much does one have to pay? Is there any difference between the cost for U-FUE Hair Transplant depending on whether the patient is a man or a woman? All the answers are here. 

Firstly, the cost of any surgery involving the Transplant of something is also considered very high, which is eventually true. But U-FUE is a special kind of Hair Transplant Technique developed to wrap the entire thing cost-effectively and provide better results as soon as possible. But this, on the other hand, nowhere shows that this Hair Transplant will be cheap or cheaper. 

However, it is comparatively more affordable than other Hair Transplant Techniques as it involves Local Anaesthesia and can also be performed in any hospital. 

We can say the cost would vary between 3,000$ to 6,000$. But again, if you choose one of the most expensive places to do this Hair Transplant, the price will, of course, increase this way or the other being influenced by a lot of other factors. So, therefore, once you do in-person research with the Surgeon before doing U-FUE Hair Transplant.


U-FUE is not anything completely different. It is just a different technique that has been developed from the traditional method for Hair Transplant to make the Transplant of Hair easier and affordable and make it easy to use as more people can be benefited from it. To put it more simply, it is developed and designed for the convenience of the people. Therefore, considering this method over the traditional one is worth it all and would be proven good for you as well.

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