Calcium Pantothenate

Hair Loss

The major reason of hair loss is hectic lifestyle and routine, use of chemicals and dyes, use of different products at the same time and much more. It is very important to note that maintaining a healthy lifestyle is vital to maintain a healthy hair cycle. But in addition to a proper daily routine, undergoing hair loss treatments or transplants are some things that will help a person get better results. As everybody has a different type of hair loss problem and type, these treatments are customized and specialized according to one’s hair type, condition, length, and other factors. Above all, all of these treatments use the latest and most advanced technology

Losing up to 100 hair strands in a day is considered normal, but above that is a sign of a poor lifestyle or undiagnosed health concern. Whatever may be the reason, an effective hair loss treatment can restore the hairline and hair volume. Delhi hair Transplant Clinic ensures you the best hair fall treatments in Delhi.

Symptoms of Hair loss
i. Gradual thinning of hair on the crown of the head
ii. Consistent appearance of bald patches on the scalp
iii. Loosening of the hair that causes tufts of hair to fall off
iv. Sudden hair loss from the entire body
v. Hair Loss in patches across the scalp

Causes of Hair Loss
i. Genetic predisposition
ii. Sudden hormonal changes or undiagnosed medical conditions
iii. Exposure to radiation therapy
iv. Persistent bouts of stress
v. Side-effects of medicines or supplements
vi. Lifestyle choices
vii. Chemical treatments on the hair

Diagnose Your Hair Loss

Diagnosis of hair may sound like an easy thing, but it is not as easy as it looks. If you go for a diagnosis, your doctor, at first, needs to assess your scalp and any kind of external symptoms which may include bald patches, scalp infections, etc. before proposing any further diagnosis. All your need is a thorough conversation with your doctor where you must discuss:
Lifestyle and dietary choices
Medical and family history
Daily hair care routine
Also, the diagnosis process involves conducting a few routine physical tests, such as:
Blood test
Pull test
Scalp biopsy
Light microscopy

Premature Greying

The premature greying of hair can be devastating to your personality. It is very normal for hair to change its color with aging. White hair can appear at any time in your lifetime. It may appear in teenagers and adults in their 20s. It is evident that a human body has millions of hair follicles or tiny sacs lining the skin. These follicles generate hair and color (or pigment cells that contain melanin). With the time being, the hair follicles lose their pigments, which results in greying of hair and finally white hair.

Causes of Premature Greying of Hair
Vitamin Deficiencies
Oxidative Stress
Medical Conditions
Chemical Hair Dyes and Hair Products

Calcium Pantothenate to Reverse Premature Greying
Calcium Pantothenate, a form of pantothenic acid. It helps to reverse the progression of premature hair greying. If it is taken at regular intervals properly, it can prevent the hair from turning grey finally to white. It is usually found in plant and animal tissues, milk, eggs, legumes, and cereal grains. Calcium Pantothenate is the most common supplement of Vitamin B5.
It is observed that high doses of Calcium Pantothenate reverse the greying of hair in patients above the age of 50 years.

Why Delhi Hair Transplant clinic?
At Delhi Hair Transplant clinic, you will get the best solutions to all your hair problems. With the right treatments, this premature greying can be reversed and even stopped in some stances. We offer you the best hair-loss treatments & hair prevention services in Delhi. With a broad window for clinical dermatology services for every type of hair loss disorder, we aim at giving you the best dermal treatment experience.

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