Telogen Effluvium

Telogen effluvium is a term used for hair loss usually by hair thinning and excess shedding. Hair loss due to telogen effluvium is temporary. Telogen effluvium is of two types namely acute telogen (which affects both men and women of all age groups) and chronic telogen effluvium. Multiple hairs disorders (including anagen effluvium, alopecia areata, androgenetic alopecia, scarring alopecia, telogen effluvium, hair loss by infection or allergy) affect hair growth badly. The TE consists of three phases which include the growth phase or anagen, catagen, and telogen (also known as the resting phase).

If you are a person who is suffering from telogen effluvium disorder should consult a dermatologist. Follow the guidance and instructions properly to get better results. You can search online and get various solutions related to hair loss disorder. It is necessary to find the root of your hair problem before proceeding with the solution. A hair problem can turn into a big issue if you do not focus on the problem.

Acute Telogen Effluvium

It is a form of hair loss without inflammation that can affect your hair and scalp. It is a non-scarring effluvium. The growth of new hair pushes the club hairs which can increase hair fall or hair loss. It  is usually found in women of all ages.

New hair growth pushes the dead hairs from the scalp. After 6 to 7 months, hair growth gets back to normal in many cases.

Chronic Telogen Effluvium

Some patients have continuous hair loss or hair shedding for a long time, it may take months to years. Chronic effluvium is mostly found in women with good hair growth. It affects both men’s and women’s hair loss patterns. Genetic factors can be responsible for baldness.

The common symptoms of Telogen effluvium include hair loss and thinning of hair on a particular area like the scalp and it may also affect other areas such as the pubic area and eyebrows hair. One who is facing the symptoms can find out easily. In case you observe the symptoms, consult with a dermatologist immediately.

Causes of Telogen Effluvium

There can be multiple causes of telogen effluvium such as psychological stress, menopause, infection, illness, hyperthyroidism, surgeries, etc. Some of the common causes are discussed below:-

  1. Medications such as oral contraceptives can be the main cause of telogen effluvium. If you are facing hair loss problems after starting anew medical treatment then you should consult with the doctor. The main reason behind telogen effluvium can be vaccinations of the medications that affected your hair growth. The side effects of the medications are not permanent. The hair growth gets back to normal after some days.
  1. The environment can be the cause of telogen effluvium. Incidents like surgery and accidents can cause it because environmental changes can be responsible for hair follicles resting. In such a case the hair stops growing. If you are in a stableenvironment, the chances of hair growth are more. This type may resolve within 6 to 7 months.
  1. Hormones can be the reason behind  . With aging, the hormones of our body change which can result in telogen effluvium. It can occur during pregnancy and recover in fewmonths after childbirth.  Follow a healthy diet plan during pregnancy to avoid hair problems.
  1. Diet can be the major factor causing Telogen effluvium. The deficiency of vitamins and nutrients in a diet plan can cause hair loss. The deficiency of zinc, iron, vitamin b-6, and vitamin b-12 can affect hair growth and cause TE. Follow a good diet plan prescribed by your dietician for healthy growth of hair. Avoid crash dieting as it can cause Telogen effluvium.
  1. The use of drugs can cause hair loss. Avoid drugs and chemical contact to prevent hair loss.
  1. Thyroid may also cause Telogen effluvium. Hair loss can also be caused by other factors such as alopecia areata which can cause hair loss. Experimenting with your hair such as trying new shampoos, dyes, and other stuff can cause hair damage. Always use natural products like ayurvedic shampoo and soap that do not make your hair rough and harsh.


Diagnosis for the Treatment of Telogen Effluvium

The process of diagnosis is done before the treatment to analyze some of the things. Your surgeon examines the scalp to find out the hair loss disorder. Sometimes hair loss is normal and it is important to find the problem before working on the solution. The tests including the hair pull test and blood test help in finding the reason for hair loss.

The process of examination is simple and enough to find the factors causing hair loss. Once the tests and analysis are done, the doctor will get the problem. He will guide and instruct you on the treatment based on hair examination. He can check the scalp by pulling a hair and observing the scalp to better understand the problem. Always be comfortable with a doctor to discuss the problems related to hair or anything you want to tell or ask. It helps the surgeon to know the condition of your hair better.

The cost of hair loss surgery depends on the type of hair surgery and surgeon. The cost of hair surgeries starts from Rs. 5000 and can cost lakhs based on your treatment. Try your best to find an expert or specialist in case of hair surgery.

Treatment for the Correction of Telogen Effluvium

The treatment of telogen effluvium is self-care and may include non-surgical methods. Self-care is enough to get out of the hair issue caused by telogen effluvium. Follow the instructions given by your dietician or doctor. The treatment steps for the correction of telogen effluvium are as follows:-

  • Hair Careis essential for the growth of hair. It is important to maintain a good hair routine which includes washing hair at regular intervals, using the best suitable oil, using natural products, and avoiding experimenting with hair by using new products (shampoos, soaps, and dyes). It supports hair growth and reduces hair-related problems.
  • Follow a rich and nutritious diet plan for hair growth. Like our body, the hair also needs vitamins and minerals for growth. Vitamin D is considered for healthy hair growth. Take vitamin D from sunlight. Deficiency in nutrients can cause hair loss. Include pulses, fruits, green leafy vegetables, and nuts to improve hair growth.
  • Avoid stress because it is the reason for hair loss problems. Make a routine and do meditation which helps in reducing stress, calming your mind, and improving concentration.
  • Pharmacy can help you to suggest the product for hair regrowth and reducing hair loss problems. Counselling also helps with stress and anxiety management.
  • You can also follow home remedies such as the use of aloe vera, applying homemade hair masks, etc to improve hair growth. Avoid using heat treatment and straighteners that cause hair fall.
  • Include yourself in outdoor activities (like walking, physical activities, exercise, etc) for relaxation of the mind. The most important thing to avoid problems is to smile. A smile and a happy mood can fix a lot.

Results or Outcomes of Telogen Effluvium

The results are time taking (months to a year). After the hair loss due to TE, hair takes time to grow again. Regrowth of hair is a time taking process. It may take around 7 to 8 months or 1 year to grow the hair like before.

To grow your hair early, improve your lifestyle, maintain a daily routine, follow a healthy diet, take medications prescribed by the doctor, avoid smoking and alcohol. Include vitamins, minerals, dietary fibrous in your diet plan for faster hair growth. Consider all these factors to get rid of hair loss problems in the future.

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