Body Shaping by Liposuction Treatment

What is Liposuction?

Liposuction Treatment, also referred to as Lipoplatin, is actually a body contouring face lift that aims at the removal of excess fats that gets accumulated within the sort of pockets on different parts of the body that sometimes can’t be done away with diet and exercise.

It is usually performed on abdomen, buttocks, thighs, love handles and arms. Once the procedure is performed, the newly achieved body shape are often maintained with the assistance of a daily diet and exercise regime. This surgery is nearly always administered with the motive of improving the contours of the body, and involves the utilization of various techniques like –


Under this system , the fatty areas are subjected to the utilization of local anesthesia right before the method of fat removal. The anaesthesia solution comprises of a mellow painkiller complete with epinephrine.

This technique ensures minimal blood loss and helps within the alleviation of pain, both during and after the surgery is performed. it’s usually for abdominoplasty surgery.

Liposuction Treatment


This technique is actually used on areas which happen to be abundant in fibrous tissues, like the upper back, or the male breast liposuction. during this case, ultrasonic radiations are wont to attack the fat cells. The radiation then melts the fat, which is eventually faraway from the body through the utilization of a micro-cannula. this system is relatively less invasive.

Liposuction Treatment Laser-Assistance

Yet another technique commonly used for liposuction treatment, laser-assistance is especially used for areas with thinner fat layers, like the face or the neck. it’s essentially liposuction treatment non-surgical technique which makes use of low-energy laser waves, as a way to dissolve the fatty tissues. during this case, the dissolved fat is then removed through the utilization of a fibre threaded cannula. the main advantage of using the laser-assisted technique is that it causes minimal bruising and/or bleeding.

What is the usual recovery time?

While one cannot truly determine the time required for recovery, because it highly differs from one patient to a different , normal activities like working, driving etc. are often usually resumed during a week’s time. In most cases, it must be assumed that the entire recovery will take a minimum of 3 to 4 months.

Kindly note, that this is often the time taken for the patient to feel completely comfortable . It is, however, best to consult the surgeon regarding an equivalent , since the complexity of the procedure varies from person to person.

After this rendezvous with the doctor, the candidate may or might not prefer to undergo liposuction. For anyone who chooses to undergo the surgery, it’s essential to know that Liposuction treatment is performed only on those areas of the body, where the fat deposition is maximum, and correction is required. The procedure essentially involved suctioning of fat from the matter areas of the body. Once these areas are determined and prescribed , the surgeon then plans the sites for incisions.

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