Future of Hair Transplant

Stem Cell Hair Transplant in Delhi

In recent years, the hair transplantation industry has evolved drastically with innovative techniques and technology. These futuristic trends are focused on offering customers virtually no pain, no stitches, and no linear scar; while the newest technological innovations are that specialize in empowering the hair transplant surgeon to execute the procedure faster, with easy extraction, simple application, and more precision.

One of the futuristic hair transplant technique under clinical studies is step cell hair transplant.

Stem cell hair transplant

What are stem cells?

The somatic cell may be a cell that’s capable of various divisions. By reintroducing such cells to the scalp, a private can get his/her former thick, lustrous hair.

What is the somatic cell hair transplant process?

The process is analogous to traditional hair transplant technology, only rather than removing hair follicles, somatic cell transplant is completed . during this process, a skin sample from the donor area is collected and implanted within the bald area. The stem cells from the sample are expected to trigger the formation of latest cells and regrowth of hair.

What are the side effects and recovery period after the treatment?

The person will experience some pain and discomfort post-treatment which will subside during a few hours. Scarring are going to be there at the donor area and therefore the patient is predicted to follow instructions to attenuate risks.

Less information about the somatic cell transplant for hair side effects is out there . But it’s going to be almost like other medical procedures like bleeding or infection at the location . These are often managed by taking special precautions.

What benefits are expected?

The technique promises low risks, high success rates, and faster recovery. Stem cells won’t only restore the hair but also will control the hair loss problem.

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