Face Redness

An Insight Into The Issue Of Face Redness 

When you wake up in the morning and see your face in the mirror, you may wonder what is the reason behind face redness.

And you find it occurs in a different pattern like a spider vein that is spread all across your face, sometimes you observe red patches, and flushed skin. There are certain causes which have caused it that we are going to discuss. 

What Is Face Redness?

Face redness can be termed as skin flushing and blushing. Face redness occurred due to the increased flow of blood on your face that makes it red. It happens whenever Blood accumulates on your cheeks and sometimes blood vessels become enlarged. This effect of blood vessels becoming enlarged is termed face redness.

When you start feeling irritation or warmth in your face or neck area or chest. and people who have a fair complexion are most likely to show the condition of face redness.

Few face redness is curable and can be managed at home but if you are suffering from a severe condition then you need to consult a dermatologist. Few symptoms of face redness are unevenness in your face, neck or chest area, Over sweating in affected or targeted areas, feeling of hotness on the face or burning sensation. 

face redness

 What Are The Causes Of Face Redness?


  • One of the reasons for Face Redness is Rosacea. Rosacea particularly affects the Central part of the face like the area of the nose. It starts with a propensity to blush and flush. In this condition, the red face lasts for a long time or it never fades.
  • According to reports around 14 million people in the United Nations suffer from Rosacea which most probably occurs in people of fair complexion.
  • The symptoms of Rosacea is the occurrence of red
  • Red Pimples on the face, visibility of red vascular line on the face, occurs mostly in the nose area which leads to a large nose, can cause eye problems like conjunctivitis or swollen eyelids.
  • The cause of rosacea could be the use of the wrong cosmetic product, sun exposure, overconsumption of alcohol and poor diet.


  • Seborrhea is a skin condition in which red patches or red rashes appear on your face.
  • It occurs mainly in oily skin people and it is one of the causes of facial redness.
  • These red patches could be either irritating or not. People between the age group 30 to 60 are more prone to seborrhea which is more common in men and among those who have oily skin.
  • It might be due to yeast that develops on your skin or due to extra stress. The skin may appear to be dry in this condition.


  • Lupus is a condition in which your immune system misinterprets your organ system as an alien or foreign body. Therefore, it tends to attack part of the body and attack different organs and this causes swelling and redness.
  • Red rashes appear on your face in this condition. You can even feel swelling on your face sometimes.

Side Effect Of Medication

  • Face redness may occur due to having the wrong medicine or your skin may not suit well to any medication and that might cause sunburn or face redness.
  • The use of such prescribed medication can cause skin issues if applied for longer.

Atopic dermatitis

  • Eczema is also known as atopic dermatitis.
  • In this condition, some rashes may occur on your face. These rashes most often occurred in infants in their cheeks area and this rash makes the skin dry and itchy.
  • The reason could be environmental factors or allergens such as changes in weather, dampness, dust and so on.


  • In psoriasis, new skin cells are formed in days rather than taking weeks to be formed. So, these new skin cells accumulate on your face skin, which may cause the occurrence of patches or rashes.
  •  It is also one of the reasons for the occurrence of Face redness. So, in this condition, those skin cells get accumulated causing redness.

Allergic Reaction

  • The redness on a face might occur due to some allergic reaction. If your face or touches something that educates or causes an allergy to it then it is called contact dermatitis.
  • If the use of some type of soap and shampoo irritates your skin, then it is called irritant contact dermatitis. It might occur even because of fragrance.

Spider veins

  • The main reason for the occurrence of the skin condition is the irresponsibility and neglect to protect the skin when it is in direct contact with sunlight and the damage piles up for certain years and causes spider veins.
  • So, you just need to take precautions while getting direct contact with the sun because you can face certain complications later.


  • Shingles are caused due to varicella-zoster virus. If you have suffered from chicken pox then, this virus remains inactive in nerve tissues. After a year when the virus becomes active, it takes the form of Shingles.
  • This condition even causes face redness along with burning pain and causing numbness in certain parts. Red rashes occur, thus causing skin damage. Blisters filled with fluid often burst, leaving patches.

What Are The Medical Treatment To Deal With Face Redness? 

  • Laser treatment

Laser treatment is often prescribed by dermatologists to reduce facial redness. It will help to remove several skin imperfections like scars, and acne and helps to reduce hyperpigmentation. It even helps to lift the skin that is bulging downwards without any surgical treatment.

If you want to reduce redness on your face, then laser therapy is useful for you.

Dermatologists use V-Beam lasers to demolish the blood vessels of vascular lesions.

The laser produces a flash of light that is gentle but severe in use to remove the blood vessels without harming your skin.

You can choose another alternative of KTP laser that burns the skin with the use of a caustic or heated object to prevent it from bleeding or infection. This helps to reduce the redness of the face.

There is another alternative that is laser Genesis which is useful to demolish bacteria that are the cause of acne and scars and help the skin to cure itself.

The result of laser treatment lasts for at least 3 to 5 years. This happens because the blood vessels which are destroyed don’t appear again but new ones tend to come. You need to continue your medication if you want the result for at least 3 to 5 years because after the treatment the skin can get tight and thick.

You can see 50% to 75% disappearance of blood vessels and see the entire 100% result after 1 to 3 laser treatments.

The gap between the period is 3 to 4 weeks.

Consider Topical Creams

Consider the dermatologist and work according to the prescribed medications and after recommendation, you can use either the Rhofade or Mirvaso medicine which is a topical cream used to treat facial redness.

You can even try calming lotion that will provide relief from irritation. You can even use Skin Food Original Ultra-Rich Cream that can be applied on the face to hydrate the dry skin.

Glycolic Acid Peel

Glycolic acid is made from sugarcane and it is an alpha-hydroxy acid. Glycolic acid reacts with the skin layer and breaks the bond between lipids. The work of the lipid is to hold dead skin cells together.

Therefore, helps to wipe the dead skin cells away, helps in the formation of younger skin and reduces the redness of the face.

A Cool Compress

If you suffer from skin redness and the reason behind redness is not any skin or medical condition, then the issue can be dealt with by the use of a cold compress.

If your blood vessel has enlarged because the skin becomes flushed, this permits the accumulation of blood because blood flows at a higher rate.

To provide relief to the flushed skin, you need to keep a clean piece of cloth in a plastic bag full of ice cubes. Just keep it in the refrigerator for 15 to 20 minutes, so that the cloth absorbs the coolness.

Take the clean cloth out and apply it to the targeted area where your skin becomes more red to compress redness. Keep it in the area for around 10 minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Face Redness Hereditary?

Yes, face redness can be hereditary also.

However, there is no scientific proof that it is hereditary or is passed to someone from their parents. But they are often claimed to be hereditary.

National rosacea society surveyed face redness and they found that more than half of the patients have passed the skin condition from their parents and the other reports say that the twins who have the same genes are even found to suffer from facial redness but other factors like environmental factors can lead to the changes.

Even the people belonging to the same race are mostly prone to similar types of Face redness. Thus, it can be said that Face Redness can be hereditary.

  • Will My Face Redness Get Worse With Age?

However, there is no way to predict whether your face redness can get words with age or not.

But the result of face redness will get worse if you don’t take any medication or cosmetic treatment. So, it means that you need to be on some medication.

So, you can try glycolic acid peels that help to wipe away dead skin cells and promote the development of new cells. Hence, helps to reduce facial redness. So, if you want to be on the safer side then, try to be on prescribed medication by a dermatologist for getting flawless skin.

  • Does Oily Skin trigger Face Redness?

However, oily skin people often tend to get face redness more easily than any other type. Seborrhea is a condition of face redness as sebaceous glands are more active on oily skin that releases sebum and causes skin condition seborrhea which leads to full-face redness.

Therefore, you can say that face redness tends to occur in oily skin. But it is not always true. Several cases are evidence of the fact that even other skin types like dry skin types and combination skin types are even prone to facial redness.

You need to check your skin type and take medication accordingly because the use of the wrong medication on different skin types can even result in facial redness or skin imperfection.

  • Can Face Redness Occur In Children? 

However, the case of facial redness is very rare among children but sometimes some cases can be seen. Face redness is a type of skin condition that sometimes runs from your family to you. They need to seek immediate diagnosis or treatment so that they don’t suffer afterwards before the condition is out of control.

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