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Hair Transplant In Delhi

Hair thinning, balding and other issues related to hair are more common in both men & women, which sometimes makes them feel intimidated and feel less confident, which is a matter of grave concern. And to tackle this problem, the only solution is the Hair Transplant in Delhi. 

This technique is the oldest and most well-known technique to deal with excessive hair thinning, balding or hair loss in men & women. Read the entire blog to know more about this technique: 

Hair Transplant is a surgical practice used to remove hair follicles from one part of the scalp of the head and put them on the other part of the scalp, which has less or no hair on it.

The success of this procedure can be advocated by its growth percentage. It is believed that 84.7 % of people have undergone this surgery, which has jumped to 7% more than last year.

However, this method is expensive and requires an experienced surgeon who can do the entire surgery carefully. 

hair transplant in delhi

What is a Hair Transplant?

A hair transplant technically refers to a specific procedure involving a plastic or dermatological surgeon who helps an individual or a person enact hair across the thinning areas of their head.

That means a hair transplant is a kind of surgery that adds more hair to an area on your head that is losing hair. The entire medical procedure is managed by extracting follicles from those parts of the scalp with a thicker layer of coats and fixing it in those parts with less or no hair.

The surgery specialist generally takes hair from the back or side of the scalp to the front of the head. And this is how Hair Transplant is usually performed.

Are There Different Types of Hair Transplant in Delhi?

This is a common question among those who want to perform a Hair Transplant as this allows them to choose which type will be more convenient and less brain-storming for them. 

Well, there are mainly two major types of Hair Transplant. They are – Follicular Unit Transplantation ( FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction ( FUE).

What is FUT Hair Transplant?

In Follicular Unit Transplantation, the follicles present in the hair are erased or shifted in an arbitrary motion, accepting your surgeon to garner hair from the donor area with a minimal appreciable lessening in the scalp area. Then, by incorporating Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), an inch is transplanted with the help of microscopic incisions on the circular scalp.

The Follicular Unit Transplantation is further divided into two subcategories. That is Manual FUE & Robotic FUE.

hair transplant in delhi

  • Manual FUE: Manual FUE is the organic and most convenient way of performing FUE. This method involves using small handheld tools by doctors to complete the entire surgery. Nowadays, the Manual FUE is not done in all hospitals. However, the same hospitals left that use this technique these days.
  • Robotic FUE: Robert FUE is the most practiced FUE performed for Hair Transplants. The demand for this technique is more because of its advantage of removing follicles at a much faster rate than the other techniques.

What is FUE Hair Transplant?

FUE or Follicular unit extraction is a particular type of hair transplant which falls under the Hair Transplant in Delhi. These Transplants are mostly settled or performed by extracting single hair follicles from your scalp and then transplanting them in areas with thinning hair problems. This technique will make the hair in the thinning area look filled. And eventually, give it a natural look.

FUE is specifically designed to enhance the “classic” follicular unit transplantation (FUT) method. This method involves covering a whole section of skin or scalp and the follicles and transplanting the hairs quickly across the area targeted.

Over the years, this method has grabbed more attention among the folk than its counterpart as it is less likely to give an unnatural hair look ( where it seems as if the transplant has taken place). Instead, it provides a more natural look.

hair transplant in delhi

Who Might Benefit From a Hair Transplant in Delhi?

As Hair Transplant is a Surgery, not everyone can do it. Some specific people facing health-related or Hair related issues can do it only after consulting with the surgeon. One can be benefited from a Hair transplant if they suffer from the below-mentioned crises: 

  • Smoking: If you smoke regularly, it will eventually affect your growth and other severe diseases. As a result, you’ll start losing your hair, or your hair will start thinning. And then, we can say that hair transplant will benefit those people who smoke a lot.
  • Stress: Sometimes heavy stress turns very harmful to us, which further influences other parts of the body resulting in hair loss and other problems.
  • Scalp infection: Your hair will start thinning if you have a scalp infection. And then, you’ll need a hair transplant. 
  • Hormonal Imbalance: If any Hormonal Imbalance occurs in your body, your hair can’t be ruled out. And you’ll then only benefit from the transplant.
  • Deficiency of Vitamin B: Deficiency of Vitamin B in your body will lead to excessive hair loss and hair fall. And then, one will have to go for the Hair Transplant.
  • Hereditary: Some people have hereditary problems resulting in hair fall. And in those cases, a hair fall is the solution and can be benefited.
  1. Poor Diet: At times, we completely ignore our diet. We don’t have a proper and healthy diet. And continuity in this leads to hair thinning. And once your Hair starts only benefit, the zone will be closed using stitches.
  2. The next step is to discrete the part, which is pulled out of the scalp into different sections with the help of a lens and a surgical knife. Once implanted, the teams will achieve the goal of natural-like hair growth.

Likewise, in follicular unit extraction (FUE), the present hair follicles are instructed to slice out of cutting out straightly, coming from the back zone of the head with the help of hundreds and thousands of small cuff incisions.

The surgeon creates or makes small hole like structures by using a blade, knitted surgical knife or a needle in that part of your scalp where there’s no amount of hair present or where the hair is thinning. Then they softly place the extracted hair.

In this surgical method, the unique part is that a surgeon can easily transplant hundreds or thousands of hairs.

Then they fill the incision and bandage the part. After that, your Hair Transplant in Delhi procedure gets completed.

What Happens During a Hair Transplant?

The hair grafts are taken from the donor site during a hair transplant. The donor side refers to that side of the head where the hair growth is good and has a no. of hair to be used for the transplant purpose. So mainly, the hair is taken from the back of the head. And then the inches were taken out from being injected in the areas where there’s no hair.

What Happens After a Hair Transplant?

In some instances, after the surgery, people feel like the falling out of transplanted hair and growth of natural hair across the implant sections. However, people who have undergone Hair transplants have been prescribed some medicines and instructions which they must follow post the Hair Transplant to see the expected results. You’ll see the results of the Hair Transplant within 3-4 weeks after the surgery. 

What Are The Complications Associated With a Hair Transplant?

Hair Transplant is not free from complications. Even though it is a solution for people facing hair issues, it also has some associated difficulties. Those complications are as follows:

Infection: Since after Surgery, your immune system becomes weak, there’s a possibility that in case any bacterial infection takes place in the surgical part, it could further lead to severe illness.
Severe Bleeding: As already stated above, Hair Transplant Surgery is a very complicated & risky Surgery. The possibility of hair loss at the time of or after the surgery can’t be ruled out ( even a minor mistake at the time of surgery can lead to severe & heavy bleeding). 

Seriously Swelling in Scalp: Even though swelling naturally occurs after surgery as the cells are transferred to the part of the body where the surgery occurs, even this normal swelling can turn into a serious one due to various factors.

Formation of crust: In most cases, the crust forms post a hair transplant surgery as the blood gets dried and the dead graft tissue. This generally occurs after the surgery but can become dangerous if not correctly cared for.

Folliculitis: It is evident from various research and studies that pre-scheduled Folliculitis after a hair transplant surgery. You don’t have to worry about it much, though. You have to take proper care of yourself.

What is the Long-term Outlook?

When you undergo any Surgery, we always look forward to the potential of a long-term outlook. If it has no long-term outlook, it’s not worth bearing a lot of pain and undergoing surgery that is too expensive. So now, what is the long-term outlook of Hair Transplant? 

Well, there’s an excellent extended outlook in the field of Hair Transplantation. Some experienced people have undergone this surgery who have shared that after the Hair Transplant, they have experienced continuous hair growth in the areas which have been transplanted. And this surgery is believed to be very long-lasting. 

Additionally, if you skip taking prescribed medicines in time and proper care of the hairs, you’ll see a hair fall and hair thinning again. So, don’t compromise with appropriate medication.

However, the growth & appearance of the hair depends upon the following factors:

The flexibility of your Scalp: As you know, Scalp is where the hair will grow after the surgery. For this, the flexibility of your Scalp is essential as it makes the hair growth easier and smoother. 

The thickness of follicles in the transplanted part: The more thick the bristles are, the more the growth of the hair. If the follicle is transplanted correctly, the hair growth will be good and more natural.

The relationship between hairs & diameter: This relationship also plays a vital role in hair growth.

The density of hair: The thickness is also involved in deciding how and what hair growth would be.

Hair Transplant Cost 

As known to all, Hair Transplant is a very complex procedure with some complications & risks associated with it. What makes it more complicated is by the help of this technique, hair follicles are transplanted from one part of the Scalp Scalp and placed onto the thinning site of the Scalp.

This surgery is very famous among men & women suffering from thinning or baldness. Not only in the US, but it is also in demand worldwide. And generally, the more anything is in order. The more expensive it will be. This is why Hair Transplant is also categorised as a costly Surgical Technique.

The entire medical procedure for Hair Transplant cost would depend on various factors. Thus, before knowing to cost, let’s understand the factors which influence it: 

  • The extent of hair loss
  • Area to be treated
  • The extent of hair loss
  • Area to be treated
  • Number of grafts to be planted
  • Texture and characteristics of hair
  • Admission fee
  • Surgeon fee
  • Age of the patient
  • Type of Hair Transplant planned to perform
  • The medical condition of the patient
  • Any complications that are involved

Consult an expert Surgeon, to know the Hair transplant cost. 

Future of Hair Transplant in Delhi

Even with the evolving technology and changing environment, the further of Hair Transplant in Delhi seems to become more sophisticated & long-going. 

The data itself reveals how people are suffering from hair loss and, more than that, how fascinated and impressed they are with this technique of Hair Transplant. Especially the women.

Out of 31,737 people suffering from hair loss, 88% are estimated to be men, as per the American Society of Surgeons report.

According to a US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) report, 40% of men and 20% of women suffer severely from hair loss. 

All these suggest that the exposure & importance of hair transplants have evolved majorly over the years. And this trend shows the potential for future evolution & growth of it as well.

Furthermore, today’s hair transplant treatments also see a new kind of induction and anticipation in the entire procedure. The most significant improvements occur in the drugs used for the Hair Transplantation to other equipment. All these are developed to ensure better results with zero percent risk.

The demand for Hair Transplant is one of the best solutions for those dealing with severe hair thinning or balding. Even though some slight complications are related, the risk is less than other surgeries. However, if one continues to stay particular with the right medications & proper treatment, there mostly won’t have any significant complications seen.

Why is Dr. Mukesh Manjhi the Best Hair Transplant Surgeon in Delhi?

Dr. Mukesh Manjhi is an experienced dermatologist, dermato surgeon, aesthetic dermatologist, and trichologist with extensive experience of quite 14 years. Considered to be the simplest hair transplant surgeon in Delhi, he has performed many hair transplants successfully where he has always emphasized patient care and safety above everything else.

As a responsible and therefore the best hair transplant surgeon in Delhi, Dr. Mukesh Manjhi ensures that the precise requirements and expectations of patients are heard and multiple options are offered to them after helping them gain a transparent and complete understanding of the various hair transplant in Delhi procedures. This helps patients make better and informed decisions and have realistic expectations before the hair transplant surgery.

Considered by his patients because the best hair transplant in Delhi, Dr. Mukesh Manjhi has affiliated to the American Academy of Dermatology, Association of Cutaneous Surgeons of India, Association of Hair Restoration Surgeons of India, and therefore the Indian Association of Dermatology, Venereology, and Leprology.

Why Choose Delhi Hair Transplant Clinic for Hair Transplant Surgery?

Delhi Hair Transplant Clinic is the first and obvious choice of patients who are experiencing hair loss or baldness and searching for the best hair transplant in Delhi and a hair restoration clinic that gives life-changing procedures. Our teams of hair transplant surgeons, doctors, and support staff have extensive experience during a wide selection of minimally-invasive, low-risk, and clinically proven hair transplant procedures.

You can access the specialized services of Dr. Mukesh Manjhi and his experienced and qualified team at the Delhi Hair Transplant Clinic, which is considered one among the simplest clinics in Delhi NCR for hair transplant surgery. you’ll reach Dr. Mukesh Manjhi at Delhi Hair Transplant Clinic and obtain answers to all or any your questions, doubts, and queries.

At Delhi Hair Transplant Clinic, hair restoration results that are perfectly natural, undetectable, and maintenance-free are offered. able to start together with your hair restoration journey?

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