Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction

Breast reduction surgery, also Called reduction normally done to alleviate physical distress caused by big breasts, attain proportionate breast dimensions thus helping enhance self-confidence.
Either from the overdevelopment of this adrenal tissue or milk glands or from both. Macromastia are often shown either as a unilateral illness or as a bilateral condition that would occur along side sagging, breast ptosis.

Techniques used for Breast Reduction

There are various methods used for Breast Reduction, they are:

Vertical Scar technique (lollipop incision)–The vertical-scar reduction mammoplasty is best fitted to removing small areas of the skin and little volumes of tissues leaving short incision scars.

Horizontal Scar technique – this will be done employing a horizontal incision across the inframammary fold and also a nipple-areola complicated, the possible pitfalls are box-shaped breasts using thick incision scars.

Free Nipple-Graft method –The benefit is that the larger volume of breast cells are often resected. the disadvantage is abreast with no sensitive nipple-areola complicated, and with no lactation capability.

Liposuction-only technique (lipectomy)- the advantages are the small incision-scars needed so, a briefer postoperative healing interval for its incision discoloration; the disadvantage is restricted breast-reduction.

Inverted-T incision- Is performed with an incision to the nipple-areola complex, which extends downwards, following the natural curve of the breast hemisphere. this system effectively reduces the very enlarged breasts of macromastia and gigantomastia.


There’s no absolute test for breast reduction, it’s a private choice of the individual, generally performed to:

  • Ease distress like neck and back pain skin discomforts, and pose issues, the continual pull of thick breasts depart painful indentations of bra straps
  • Attain a breast size proportionate to human anatomy.
  • Help enhance self-confidence as big in proportionate breasts might be awkward.

Tests for Breast Reduction Surgery

  • Evaluation of breasts taking photos and measurements of the dimensions and contour, skin quality and positioning of your nipples and areola
  • Mammogram before operation
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