FUE Hair Transplant in Delhi

FUE hair transplant is a leading and most up-to-date hair restoration procedure that involves the extraction of individual hair follicles from the donor site followed by transplantation into the recipient site with thin hairs or bald patches.

FUE, or Follicular Unit Extraction, may be a modern approach to hair transplant and is one among the 2 main methods of replacing the bald area with healthy hair. the method is completed by implementing healthy hair follicles from the donor a part of the body to the specified area. In FUE hair transplant in Delhi, a sufficient amount of hair follicles are collected so on assure outstanding hair growth without leaving an enormous scar. the very fact of leaving no scar has made FUE replace the normal way of hair transplant FUT.

fue hair transplant

This hair transplant is completed using modern technology and is sort of quicker than other transplants. The state-of-art technology utilized in FUE makes the treatment unidentified by most outsiders.

Unlike FUT, the FUE hair transplant cost in Delhi procedure doesn’t involve making larger incisions. Instead, the surgeon makes multiple micro punches round the donor site to extract the follicle without the necessity to extract tufts of the grafts from an equivalent area. FUE may be a less invasive procedure and doesn’t leave behind any scars or signs of extraction on the location of the treatment.

This is the rationale that cosmetic and hair restoration surgeons advocate more for FUE because it doesn’t leave behind the normal hair plug visible which remain evident in FUT. However, since this involves the extraction of individual hair follicles, the perfect candidate is someone with a thick growth of hair at the donor site.

How FUE Transplant is done?

Unlike the opposite prevalent hair transplantation procedures, FUE is relatively less invasive and features a quicker recovery rate. the first objective of the FUE hair transplant in Delhi is to exchange the old hair follicles with no yield with new follicles that promote natural hair growth. Once the transplantation is completed , the newly transplanted follicles are then nourished optimally by the encompassing blood vessels to market the healthy growth of hair.

Here’s how the procedure goes within the doctor’s clinic:

The surgeon starts by shaving the world on the donor site to urge better access to the follicles.
They use a micro punching tool to then extract individual follicles from the exposed and shaved area on the scalp.
Small and consistent incisions are made on the recipient site where the extracted follicles are then implanted
Once the insertion of all the extract grafts is completed , the surgeon then cleans the donor and therefore the recipient site then bandage the entire scalp to stop the risks of infection.

BOOSTED-FUE Hair Transplant