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With the advanced technology and Ultra exclusive techniques evolved over the years, we can experience and exercise anything we are willing to. This 21st century, therefore, is all about up-to-the-minute technology and progress. 

You might have seen men suffering from Bread or Moustache-related concerns and focusing on a long-term and effective solution to correct you or fix your Beard Transplant & Moustache concern. Finally, you will get it here. We provide you with alternate solutions for Beard Transplant & Moustache Transplant. But what is it? 

The Beard Transplant & Moustache Transplant is very similar to the already known Hair Transplant. Want to know more about the Beard and Moustache Transplant? You’ll find everything related to your Beard Transplant And Moustache Transplant on this page.


What is Beard Transplant & Moustache Transplant?

The beard and moustache transplant is an operation similar to a Hair Transplant. In this treatment, like the scalp hair transplant, the Follicles are extracted from the donor area then fitted into the part where it is required; the no. of Follicles are extracted from the donor part and transplanted into its counterpart entirely depending on the requirement of that particular area. The extraction is done using the FUE and FUT procedures. And even the hair can be taken out from any part of the donor side which has relatively more hair in it. 

 Beard Transplant and Moustache Transplant are sometimes considered the most challenging part of a Transplant to do. Nevertheless, they are also essential Transplants for a man because they provide clarity and insight and make a man look masculine. 

On this page, we have explained to you about this Transplant and all the myths about it, listed the factors types related to this, detailed what to expect and what to avoid, highlighted and most probably have covered all the necessary information and some basic facts in detail about the Surgery. You can also connect with us for more information. 

Treatment Procedure

The treatment procedure for the Beard & Moustache Transplant is very much similar to the Hair Transplant. It is also done involving either FUE or FUT Techniques. However, the FUT technique is relatively not that viable or used for this type of Surgery as it is feasible when the Transplantation of larger grafts comes into the scene. And therefore, the Follicular Unit Extraction ( FUE ) is adopted to do this kind of Surgery.

Usually, the procedure starts with the exercise of the FUE Technique over the scalp. There’s nothing new – the side with a good no. of hair follicles is chosen. Then, the Surgeon using the FUE technique, extracts the Grafts from the donor site, which can be most accurately matched into the receipt area unless, after the Surgery, it will bring out a very disproportionate look. If the Patient has no hair follicles on the donor side, the hair follicles are taken from other body parts.

Some precautions to be followed after the treatment procedure. The Surgeon or doctor specifically directs one to take these precautions: 

Stay away from sunlight: After the Surgery, stay away for 2-3 days. This ensures that the part of your face where the surgery is performed should not come under the strong sunlight.

Frequent contact with the portion which is transplanted: You will feel like contacting through fingers or rubbing using fingers the place where the surgery is performed. But don’t do that as it can lead to some severe infections.

Consuming excessive alcohol or smoking: If you are into the regular consumption of alcohol and are quite frequent in smoking, avoid that for a few days after the surgery as this could create some side effects. To avoid this, you must give up on these habits for a specific period.

Who is the right candidate for Beard Transplant & Moustache Transplant?

If you’ve stumbled upon who all are the right candidate for Beard Transplant and Moustache Transplant, here’s the list in detail. Take a note of this carefully and figure out your answer:

People having no Hair or less hair in the Beard or Moustache area: There are a no. of men who are dealing with a situation where since birth they have no hair or significantly less hair in their Beard & Moustache area. And some people are so compassionate that they feel very uncomfortable with this. As a result, they prefer this Surgery.

Who has a Hair loss due to scarring: There are incidents where people lose their Beard Transplant & Moustache Hair due to some scarring. And since then, the organic Beard Transplant & Moustache growth has also been damaged heavily. Consequently, they are left with one choice to go for Transplant.

Transgender Patients: Transgender patients undergo this Surgery as it uplifts their self-confidence by enhancing their masculine identity. And this happens as they Transplant Beard Transplant & Moustache into their face, making a man look even more manly.


Procedure of Beard and Moustache Transplant

The step-by-step procedure which is followed in the Beard Transplant and Moustache Transplant is depicted here carefully: 

Step 1: Anesthesia: This procedure can be done under local an aesthesia. Thus, before conducting the surgery, local an aesthesia is given to the Patient so that the Patient can be relieved from the pain & stress. This is normal in surgeries.

Step 2: Extraction: After the an aesthesia, the Surgeon locates the fair grafts that can match the receipt area; these grafts are chosen from the donor area. Once the grafts are located, these are extracted from the donor site using FUE. 

Step 3: Implantations: After the extraction of the hair follicles, the next step is all about Hair Implantations. After being taken out of the Donor area, the extracted follicles are carefully implanted in the receipt area.

Step 4: Results: After the Surgery, you get your results within 2-3 weeks. But you have to make sure that you follow all the basic guidelines to avoid the possibility of infection.

Before Surgery of Beard Transplant and Moustache Transplant

Before your Surgery, you’re always said to do a deep research about the Surgery and things associated with it – like hospitals, doctors, costs &, etc. These things will enable you to have control over the self.

What would be the entire surgical procedure?

Before your Surgery, you must know the entire surgical procedure. That is what technique will be used, the time frame, why this technique, etc. However, this type of Surgery is performed using follicular unit extraction (FUE). By this technique, the Surgeon efficiently extracts that and implants it.

How to get hair for Transplant, or where the hair from Transplant will come from?

The Hairs for the Moustache or Beard Transplant will come from that part with enough hairs present in it. In extreme cases, the hairs come from your chest & other parts of your body. But the hair follicles should be carefully chosen to match your texture and fit in it properly.

Why is FUE Technique preferred for this?

 FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction is more suitable for the surgeries where you have to work with a smaller area or where large no. of follicular extraction doesn’t occur.

How Long Does The Entire Surgery Take?

Although the time required for the Surgery entirely depends on many points, like how comfortable the Surgeon is or how many follies are supposed to be extracted, we can say that a minimum of 8-10 hours is required for the Surgery.

What Happens After Surgery?

After a Surgery, things go back to normalcy, but the point is, you’ll see that the hair implanted will start falling. However, nothing to concern as this is a sign that the new follicles are just about to grow from that area. So even though you won’t see this change right the next day of your Surgery, it will happen; maybe later, but it will!

What Is The Possibility of Side Effects And The Complications Associated With This Surgery?

It would be wrong if we’ll say that this Surgery is free of complications & out of all the side effects, but that no way says that you’ll have to face significant side effects or deadly complications associated with it; the complications and side effects are very minimal in this; hardly there could be a typical infection or swelling which can happen after the Surgery, your experience will fill with astonishment as you’ll see that all the fine hairs will eventually fall between 3-4 weeks. 

This is a part of the Surgery, so there is nothing to worry about. But you had to be patient as the hair that time starts to regrow as a consequence of the Surgery.

Many of you can witness or experience the fresh bread or Moustache growth only after a new week or month. But that doesn’t mean each of you will experience the same. Some people experience new growth after a more extended period, even after years. So after the surgery, you have to wait a little more for the results.

Once you start getting the results, you won’t have to worry much about it. But yes, there’s a possibility that the texture, length, or colors will vary to that of its previous one but will too bring that natural charisma into it. That will mostly look natural, and People won’t recognize that. 

What To Expect And Medication?

While undergoing the Surgery, you think the process is so easy. But in actuality, some things are hard to deal with; these things are basic things, but sometimes time throws it differently, so it becomes difficult to accept that.

Likewise, when we imagine a hair transplant, we think we’ll get good and long hair right after the Surgery. But do we know that we first have to shave our hair? Although it can be done without complex shaving of the hair despite this, there are other problems as well. And the situation is like expectations vs reality.

Most men who get into beard transplants must have a segment or all of their heads shaved before the follicles are extracted. Relying on how you generally wear your hair takes a lot of self-restraint. However, shaving the hair is generally preferred as it makes the extraction of the entire surgery convenient and more easy-going. 

Don’t ever think negatively if it takes longer to grow new hairs. You must understand that it takes more time for hair growth at times, but it will. So don’t ever try to let negativity come into your mind. Surgery for sure will bring you good results. All you have to do is follow your routine correctly and wait.

There’s a fundamental medication for this. The Surgeon won’t prescribe any medications and complete bed rest for 2-3 months. Only you have to follow some essential medications. The doctor will give you some antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs to consume and also can give you a few basic ointments to apply on the donor and receipt area.

Beard Transplant & Moustache Transplant Cost

As Beard Transplant & Moustache Transplant is a surgical method that helps people restructure their aesthetic, this customizing process is costly. Therefore, making it more practical or presenting it from a practical point of view makes sense as this Surgery also depends upon other factors that multiply the cost of the Surgery and make it even higher.

First of all, this kind of Surgery requires experienced professionals and is primarily performed in big-budget Hospitals & private clinics; as an outcome, the expenses directly turn high.

All these being mentioned, we can estimate the Beard Hair Transplant & Moustache Transplant cost to be somewhere around $4,000 -$4,500. Meanwhile, this amount is not fixed and can vary from one place to another.

To present it more clearly, this cost can vary, and it is the estimated cost only for the Beard Transplant & Moustache Transplant. The surgeon fee, hospital fee, medicine fee & other factors like how much graft is into the use are present and should be taken under consideration while you are going for Surgery. Hair Transplant In Delhi – Hair Restoration Clinic in Delhi


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