Eye Lash Hair Transplant


Eyelash Hair transplant 

Eyelashes are an important part of our facial appearance. People are very conscious about their looks and hair. During the Covid-19 pandemic, the mask covered the whole face except the eyes. The main attention goes to the eyes and eyelashes of the person. Some people have thick, sparse or thin eyelashes.

But, living life without hair on the head, eyebrows or eyelashes is like a nightmare. We feel under confident and embarrassed without eyelash hair. 

Are your Eyelashes falling or fallen due to any allergy, medical issues or genetic inability? Are you tired of applying fake and temporary eyelash extensions on your eyelids? Many people dream of having big natural eyelashes but end up applying temporary eyelash hair.

Do not worry; medical research and experiments have developed a lot. They have made things easier and simple for us. There is an EyeLash hair transplant treatment that is a solution to get big eyelashes forever. Read the full article to know everything about this advanced and permanent treatment for eyelash hair.

What is Eyelash Hair Transplant?

It is a treatment in which hairs are taken from the head and placed on the upper and lower eyelid of the person. Expert Eyelash hair transplant doctors perform Eyelash treatment in a professional way. It is a simple and pain-free treatment to get your upper eyelashes back. This treatment is not a temporary solution like fixing fake eyelashes. 

It is a permanent solution to eyelashes back on eyelids. If eyelash hairs are weak or there are no hairs, not an issue. Eyelash hair treatment helps to give a rebirth to eyelash hairs by adding hair follicles on the eyelid. It is a simple, pain-free procedure that will make your eyelash hair grow again. Taking hair follicles from the scalp and putting it into the eyelid to get permanent eyelashes and their growth, an Eyelash hair transplant is the best option. 

Eyelash Hair Transplant Procedure

The procedure of an EyeLash Hair transplant is very simple and not even time-consuming. An Eyelash transplant is also similar to a hair transplant. There is a proper treatment procedure for Eyelash Hair transplant surgery. The patient should visit a professional and experienced hair transplant doctor.

The doctor will examine and check the condition of the eyelashes. He will fully examine the patient and perform some tests. Then, the doctor will check your eyelashes and their density and will tell you about further treatment. The patient and doctor will discuss the medical History. 

It is necessary to know the medical History before performing any surgery. Patients should tell frankly about every past and present medical condition. Also, mention if allergic to any medicines or drugs. 

Then, the cosmetic surgeon will explain the full procedure from start to end. He will recommend when the treatment can be performed and how much time it will take. Patients can raise their queries and suggestions. 

Everything for the treatment is decided on mutual understanding and patients’ comfortability. The surgeon will perform the treatment with proper safety and care. Patients’ satisfaction and comfort are the doctor’s first priority. 

Doctors perform treatment in a professional manner if the patient visits an experienced and high-rated doctor. They make sure there is no risk of injection during or after surgery. Eyelash Hair transplant is a painless surgery procedure to get permanent long eyelash hairs. 

Who is the right candidate for an Eyelash Hair transplant?

It’s not necessary that everyone can do eyelash direct hair transplant treatment. It is essential to know who is eligible for the Eyelash hair treatment. The people who do not have any medical problems are basically the best candidates for direct hair transplant surgery. 

  • If a patient’s eyelash hairs are weak, small or sparse, they can get the EyeLash hair transplant treatment. Many people’s eyelashes are small and weak, and they go for temporary solutions. But, direct hair transplant patients with these problems are the perfect candidates. 
  • People with no eyelash hair due to an accident or injury are good candidates for this treatment. Many people lose their eyelashes because of damaged follicles due to any injury or accident. 
  • There are many cancer patients who recover, but they lose their hair due to chemotherapy. Due to the reaction of strong cancer medicine, people lose their hair and the beauty of eyelashes. In these situations, permanent eyelash hair transplant treatment is best for these candidates. 
  • Those people are the right candidates for eyelash surgery who want to increase the density of their eyelash hair. People who want to enhance their beauty can seek this safe treatment option. 

Procedure of Eyelash Hair Transplant

In Eyelash hair transplant treatment, there are multiple steps involved in it. The surgeon follows a proper procedure for the treatment and advice to take care after surgery. The full procedure takes around 3 to 4 hours. To explain how eyelash hair transplant treatment is done, see the full procedure. 

Medical History and examination

Firstly, when you visit an experienced hair transplant doctor, he will ask you about medical History if you have any. The patient has to tell everything about their medical past and present condition. Then, the doctor will examine the patient’s eyelash hairs and ask to take some tests. After a full examination, the doctor will discuss and decide the day for eyelash hair transplant treatment.

Anaesthesia and extracting hair follicles 

On the day of surgery, a follicular unit extraction procedure is performed. The doctor will extract hair follicles from your head or leg skin. The patient can also get a hair graft from a donor. They will check the follicles under a microscope and make sure they are perfect for grafting. 

An Anaesthesia needle is inserted into the patient’s eyelid. It makes the eyelid numb so that the patient does not feel pain. 

Hair follicles Implantation

After extracting, the cosmetic surgeon will implant the hair follicles in the eyelid. Normally there are 100 lashes in the upper eyelid and around 60 in the lower eyelid. Depending on the hairs grafts needed, the treatment will take time. Then, the surgeon will insert the hair follicles using a microsurgical technique. The hairs are implanted one by one into a small incision. After placing the hair follicles, the cosmetic surgeon set and aligned the eyelash hairs to make it look natural. 

Before Surgery of Eyelash Hair Transplant

  • Before the EyeLash hair transplant surgery, you should check and visit an experienced cosmetic surgeon. 
  • Provide full information to the doctor. Explain the reason for fallen eyelash hair, such as medicine reaction or any injury. 
  • Before surgery, the surgeon will analyse your hair and follicles. He will explain everything and discuss the surgical procedure for hair transplant. 
  • Ask the surgeon about what precautions need to be taken. Avoid taking alcohol and take medicines if prescribed by the surgeon before surgery. 

After Surgery of Eyelash Hair Transplant

  • You will feel normal and painless during and after the surgery. You can expect some swelling and soreness in the eyelids for a few days.
  • Keep the eyelashes clean to prevent dirt and infection on the eyelid.
  • If a patient will take proper care for 6-7 months, it provides lifelong and best results.
  • After 6-7 months of surgery, eyelash hairs will start restoring. 
  • Do not touch or put any kind of pressure on your eyelid after surgery. There can be pain and infection in the eyelid, so keep your Eye covered with glasses. 
  • You might feel uncomfortable because of your weird appearance due to swelling. The recovery will take around 1-2 months, and you will see proper natural hair growth results after 12 months. After 4-5 months, your natural eyebrow hair will start growing no matter whatever was the reason for the less hair. 

What to expect and medications?

  • There is also a risk of infection post-surgery, so keep your eyelid clean and wear glasses for a few days.
  • If hair grafts were extracted from your head or leg, you would feel a little discomfort. But, this will happen only for a few days, and soon after, that area will get healed and recovered. 
  • After post-surgery, the hair on the eyelashes will start falling. After a complete fallout, new and natural hairs will grow on the eyelid after a few months. 
  • After surgery, the cosmetic surgeon will provide you with ointment for irritation and itching on the eyelid area. 
  • The doctor will suggest you to wear eyeglasses to prevent irritation from dust particles or itching. Do not wash your face after surgery for at least 24 hours. Water contact with the treatment area can weaken the bond and affect the results of surgery.
  • You will need Eyelash hair trimming and grooming every month to make the hair look aligned and beautiful.

Eyelash Hair Transplant Cost 

The Eyelash hair transplant procedure needs to be performed by a skilled and experienced cosmetic surgeon. This treatment needs to be performed with delicacy. So, eyelash hair transplant treatment is a little expensive. But, it will cost one time rather than spending every time on fake eyelashes. However, it is less expensive than head hair transplant treatment. The cost of this hair transplant treatment depends on many factors- 

  • The cost varies according to the clinic’s reputation, location and rating. 
  • The cost of treatment also depends on the doctor’s charges and experience. 
  • The average eyelash hair transplant treatment cost is INR 20- INR 100 per hair graft, excluding doctor fees and anaesthesia cost.
  • The overall average cost of this transplant treatment goes around INR 45,000- INR 1,00,000. It is quite expensive but a better option than fake temporary lashes. 

Eyelash hair transplant treatment costs can be covered under the health Insurance policy. But, it depends on what types of surgeries are covered in the policy. The eyelash hair transplant cost can be covered if a patient loses their hair due to any medical condition or accident. 

It is a procedure that needs to be performed with high skills because it is very close to the eyes. A high-qualified and expert doctor is needed to perform eyelash transplant procedures. Eyelash hair transplant treatment is a one-stop solution to get natural eyelash hair back. If someone has the patience to see effective results after 8-9 months, this transplant surgery is best for them. Go for permanent eyelash hair transplant surgery despite damaging your eyelids with temporary lashes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Eyelash hair transplant be unsuccessful?

Eyelash hair transplant lasts long if it is done properly by an experienced surgeon. It also depends on post-surgery care because there is a high risk of failure after surgery. It can be unsuccessful if you put pressure on the eyelid, scratch or do itching on eyelid hair. The treatment area takes time to heal, so teh transplant treatment can be unsuccessful if patients do not take proper care. 

What risks are involved in Eyelash hair transplant?

There are some minor risks involved that can create problems of treatment failure.

  •  There can be inflammation, discomfort and soreness on the eyelid after surgery. 
  • Irritation or itching in the Eye creates risk because eyelash hair is just above the eyes. 
  • There is a risk of infection and swelling after surgery. 
  • The patient’s eyelid and face will look deformed for some days. So, there are chances of a bad look.  

Why is post-surgery care important?

Post-surgery care is important to protect your eyelashes from any bacteria or infections. The care after surgery will keep your lash hair clean and healthy. It will help the lashes to stay for successful long years. If the patient takes proper care, there will be no need to get the treatment again and waste money. Overall, to get the best results, post-surgery care is important.

What should we avoid after an Eyelash hair transplant?

  • Avoid washing your face or bath for 48 hours. Do not even let a drop of water go to the eyelid or hairs. 
  • Do not sleep on the right or left side for at least two months. Sleep on your stomach to avoid pressure on the eyelid. 
  • Do not use any lotion, makeup, creams or oil. Use the ointment or cleanser prescribed by the surgeon.
  • Do not touch or scratch your eyelash hairs because they are very delicate for the first 48 hours. Do not even use an eyelash curler to align or curl your eyebrows for a few months. 
  • Do not apply any mascara or kajal post-surgery. You can apply it after a few months or as advised by the surgeon. 

How to maintain eyelash hair after surgery?

Eyelash maintenance is very important after hair transplant treatment. To maintain the hair post-surgery, follow these 4 steps- 

  1. Wash your eyelashes twice a day. Use soap or face wash and clean the lashes softly. 
  2. Timely groom and align your eyelash hair by visiting the cosmetic clinic. 
  3. Use an eyelash brush and comb your eyelash hair daily. 
  4. Always wash your eyelid properly after removing makeup. 
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