Ear Lobe Repair

Earlobe Repair

Earlobe repair may be a sort of face lift to correct the split ends of the earlobe. This reconstructive cosmetic surgery is completed for a patient who has suffered damage to the earlobe due to various reasons.

earlobe repair


Heavy earrings can stretch out the earlobes and cause them to elongate.
Ear piercing gone wrong.
Accident that have caused torn earlobes.
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How is that the treatment done?

Before the beginning of the procedure, patient is given local anaesthesia, which helps to numb the location of the operation. then , the surgeon makes an incision within the earlobe of the patient and clears out the sides to be sutured. Finally, the clean edges are sutured together. This surgery is comparatively quicker and far simpler in comparison to other cosmetic surgeries.

How much time does the Earlobe repair treatment take?

It takes maximum half-hour to 1 hour for every ear of the patient.

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