Carbon Peel / Hollywood Peel

What is Carbon peel?

Carbon peel treatment is a complicated and revolutionary laser-equipped treatment. it’s a totally painless procedure and involves minimal-to-zero recovery time. it’s a highly recommended procedure to individuals who have oily skin and struggle with blackheads, enlarged or open skin pores, lifeless skin, and frequent acne breakouts on the face or body. it’s an exceptional procedure that helps exfoliate and refresh the skin. because it provides an instantly refreshed look and leaves the treated area feeling softer, smoother and firmer.

It is one among the foremost popular skin rejuvenating methods amongst celebrities and thus , the names ‘The Hollywood Laser Peel’ and ‘The Red Carpet Peel are related to carbon peeling. Addition to skin rejuvenation, it provides mild exfoliation and resurfacing to the skin improving the looks of fine lines and wrinkles, pigmentation, open pores, and annoying acne. it’s best to understand the value of carbon peel treatment in Delhi then proceed with the treatment.

carbon peel

Benefits of Carbon Peel Treatments

The procedure is administered without anesthesia and may be a completely painless laser-based cosmetic treatments.
It involves zero downtime, gives immediate results and may be a zippy procedure.
Gives instant glow and de-tans the skin spontaneously.
Long-lasting results.
It is a non-invasive skin treatment.
It involves no side effects.
It is a proven procedure applicable to all or any skin types.

How is Carbon Laser Peel Treatment performed?

The procedure of carbon peeling is performed during a clinically approved setting under the supervision of trained professionals. during this procedure, a skinny layer of liquid carbon is applied on to the targeted area. it’s designed during a well-formulated manner and therefore the carbon penetrates deeper into the pores of the skin. Then laser shots are passed on the skin that destroys the dead skin cells and other contaminants without damaging the skin.

The process of Carbon Peeling involves 4 basic steps:

Cleansing: the primary step is that the cleaning step. during this liquid carbon is applied to the targeted area which absorbs excess oil and other pollutants from deep within the layers of the skin.

Exfoliating: during this phase, laser light is passed on the skin that absorbs and attracts carbon particles along side other impurities. This exfoliates the skin by destroying dead skin cells and blackheads. As a result, our skin looks smoother, glowy, and rejuvenated. It also helps within the reduction of pore size and improved texture of the skin.

Rejuvenating: The treatment is meant to impart rejuvenation and a clearer look to the skin. Carbon particles stimulate within the deepest layers of the skin and boost collagen regeneration. the result is firm, supple and plumper appearance of the skin.

Acne and Oil reduction: the warmth waves transmitted by the laser light during the carbon peel treatment kills bacteria which are liable for acne breakouts. the warmth emitted from laser shrinks the sebaceous glands and reduced boring and congestion within the pores is seen for an extended time.

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