Experiencing an itchy scalp, flakiness, or greasy patches along side tightening of the scalp, are the signs that you simply are having a Dandruff issue. Before it further damages your scalp, it should get treated.
At Delhi Hair Transplant Clinic, we provide you satisfactory hair care and risk-free treatments with effective and efficient results. We aim at identifying the rationale behind the difficulty and suggesting to you the foremost appropriate treatment option consistent with your scalp and dandruff condition.

What is Dandruff and its Symptoms?

Dandruff could also be a skin condition that affects the scalp area. Clinically, it happens because of excessive exfoliation of the dead skin on the scalp. Oil dirt and an amalgamation of fungal infections are often a reason behind the matter . A heavy damage is done by dandruff on the hair and scalp as it starts affecting the hair follicles,
Commonly the symptoms include flakiness, itchy scalp, greasy & red patches, and a tingling sensation on the scalp.


The root explanation for dandrufff is unclear, but it’s going to involve several genetic and environmental factors. Some of the witnessed causes include:
  • not shampooing enough
  • dry skin
  • irritated oily skin
  • a yeast-like-fungus (feeds on oils of the scalp)
  • sensitivity to hair care products
  • skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema

Dandruff can result in situations like

  • secretion of sebum or sebaceous (skin oil)
  • formation of metabolic by-products of skin microorganisms
  • individual allergy and susceptibility


The Dandruff treatments available are carried out to improve the condition of hair & hair roots. Also, they prevent further severe damage to the scalp.
At Delhi Hair Transplant Clinic, we propose you with some effective anti-fungal shampoos and lotions which help to regulate the mycosis . Our team of experienced dermatologists and doctors that will guide you to take certain dandruff centric treatments and procedures. The treatments will effectively reduce oil production.