Photo facial may be a medical facial utilizing the properties of IPL (intense pulse light) laser which has scientifically proven collagen boosting and facial rejuvenation properties. Photo facials help in treating variety of skin conditions like brown spots; sun damaged skin, facial redness, and open pores; improves skin texture and reduces fine lines. Each session lasts for about fifty minutes and number of sessions required depends on your skin condition. Results of photo facial are instant and at the top of the session your skin looks rejuvenated and brighter. With subsequent sessions, skin looks younger and more nourished. Delhi Hair Transplant Clinic has established itself together of the foremost resolute laser skin clinic in Delhi providing an in depth range of laser treatment and a reasonable cost of Photofacial treatment services.

Photo facial treatment is a tremendous dermatological facial which provides you a plus to reduce:
1. Acne and acne scars
2. Rosacea
3. Melasma
4. Hyper-pigmentation
5. Freckles
6. Sun spots
7. Oily skin (temporarily)
8. Flushing
9. Open pores
10. Broken Capillaries
11. Dark under eye circles

Isn’t it incredible how Photo facial can assist you reduce numerous problems at once? It can treat most sorts of spots that occur on face, neck, chest, hands, arms and other parts of body. We use Intense pulse light on melanin or haemoglobin to naturally stop the method of dark spots on your skin. So, why not catch on done from the simplest Laser skin clinic in west Delhi, Delhi Hair Transplant Clinic? Contact us today for all types of premium dermatology services.

Photo facial therapy is a moment treatment and doesn’t have any downtime. It doesn’t have any side effects intrinsically . the entire results are often seen within 3-5 months of the treatment. With every sitting, the results are going to be more prominent. The treatment at Delhi Hair Transplant Clinic, Laser skin clinic in West Delhi, is extremely effective on all skin types but pregnant women are suggested to not undergo this treatment

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