Ear and Nose Piercing

Ear And Nose Piercing

Ear and nose piercing- it’s a forever trend! Don’t you furthermore may crave for it? in fact , you’d be. Besides the ritual and scientific beliefs, people like to get their ear/nose pierced to vary their overall appearance and appearance classy! There are enormous options and designs of piercing, but the sole that restricts people is that the pain and side effects related to it. But, because of technology, it’s not an enormous issue anymore!

Ear and Nose Piercing

We, at Delhi Hair Transplant Clinic, provide safe and painless ear and nose piercing services in Delhi using the “most innovative aseptic technique” for piercing, this technique is gentle, quick and offers précised results to both men and ladies . In fact, it’s a far better option for ear piercing just in case of youngsters , since they need sensitive skin and fewer pain tolerance power.

Our ear/nose pierced system may be a complete package of everything required for an efficient piercing. It includes a top quality piercing stud during a sterilized cartridge, a hygienic cleansing swab, a disposable piercing instrument, silicon clutch, an antiseptic solution bottle and instrument sheet.


With highly advanced ear piercing equipment, our experts make sure that you experience a secure, virtually pain-free ear (or nose) piercing in Delhi. Firstly, the ear area that has got to be pierced is cleaned using the alcohol swab from both the front and back side. Then, a mark is formed on the ear with the Iodine based surgical marking pen, which is not any longer than a pinhead. The sterile seal from the Inverness cassette is removed so on remove the cartridge.

The ear piercing capsule is kept into the piercing instrument and placed round the ear such the ear is within the slot of the capsule. The device is squeezed gently and slowly till the tip of the inner capsule comes in touch with the marked dot, then grasped firmly to make sure that the earring goes completely through the ear and obtain attached to the security clutch. The device is, at last, removed and you get beautifully pierced. an equivalent procedure is employed for piercing. to urge the perks of this innovative piercing technique in Delhi/NCR, visit Delhi Hair Transplant Clinic now!

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