Melasma Reduction

Melasma Treatment

Melasma is a challenging complication for any dermatologist in Delhi to treat. It basically refers to a skin affliction where spots appear that are darker than normal skin on the face, neck, back, upper lips, nose and chin that refuse to travel away with normal creams and lotion. there’s no itching, pain or soreness except these dark spots which aren’t raised like keloids and that they also are not raised. For cosmetic reasons, these spots are often a headache because it makes an individual very self-conscious and he avoids public gatherings to avoid the stares from onlookers.

Melasma Treatment

Causes and symptoms:

Undue exposure to sun-rays is that the prime reason but a biopsy is required to determine the complete explanation for the complication. very often alittle sample of the skin is numbed and removed by delivering local anesthesia to work out if it’s not cancerous. Melasma also occurs during pregnancy and it often goes after a couple of weeks of delivery. No treatment is important in such a case. Melasma is such a standard affliction during pregnancy that it’s also called as a “pregnancy mask” within the patient community. Complete cure of melasma isn’t yet found but there are treatments which will assist you look beautiful inspite of it. Melasma patches which can have light or dark brown to grey pigmentation especially in dark skin people living in tropical climes characterized by high heat. Symptoms of Melasma are less severe in winters as compared to summers. it’s neither contagious nor life threatening.

Treatment of Melasma

Melasma isn’t known to be caused thanks to genetic factors and neither passed on as heredity. Though, it’s going to be possible that two siblings may have melasma while their parents might not have melasma. Any good dermatologist in Delhi will prescribe sun blocking creams to camouflage the skin against skin damage because the first line of treatment. Skin lightening agents will reduce the intensity of the pigmentation and convey it in line with the encompassing skin. Hydroquinone may be a compound that’s known to be an honest skin lightening agent because it reduces the activity of the pigment forming cells. It should be strictly applied under medical supervision because it may cause irritation or increased darkening in dark skinned people.

Since the essential explanation for melasma is seemed to be an increase in oestrogen levels that’s triggered by pill pills /patches or hormone replacement medications. Going off these medications is that the initiative in getting obviate melasma.

Azelaic acid including retinoid creams that are wont to treat acne also are wont to be effective within the cure of melasma. Skin bleaching creams contain a mix of those ingredients

Chemical peels form the second line of attack when creams don’t work by removing the outermost areas of the skin that contain the surplus pigment.

Dermabrasion and laser treatments also remove the outer-most layers of the skin that have those defective pigment forming cells.

Whichever treatment you choose , it should be supervised by an expert dermatologist in Delhi as otherwise the side effects are often distressing if the procedure is carried by a doctor who isn’t yet an expert.

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