Age Spots

Age Spots

Clear skin makes you look beautiful and confident. We take so much care of the skin by applying creams and lotions. But, you still see ugly brown and flat spots on our skin. Nowadays, everyone from an early age to old age has age spots. It happens because the sun affects our skin and puts small spots and clusters. Not even the aged people, even young people also face this problem. These age spots make a terrible appearance, tanned and unhealthy skin.

Age spots are a very common problem that happens with age. However, it is not dangerous for our body, but it affects our skin appearance. But, these spots can be removed by consulting an experienced dermatologist. Medications can help to remove the age spots from the skin. A dermatologist knows everything about age spots and the treatment to remove them.

What is Age Spots?

Age spots are like dots and patches that appear on the skin with age. Age spots look darker than skin and are visible very easily. They look brown, black, or grey-type flat spots. They can occur on any part of the body exposed to the sun, such as the face, hands, and neck. It can appear on anyone’s skin, whether children, adults, or old. Many times the spots cluster together and make that skin area look darker.

Age spots are not dangerous and painful, but they make our skin look older and filled with dark clusters. Age spots do not occur naturally; there are specific causes of it. Because of some causes, age spots start appearing on the skin.

What Causes Age Spots?

Age spots can appear on any person’s skin and at any age. There are certain causes for Age spots in the skin. But, age spots cannot occur due to any health conditions.

  • Age spots can occur due to the overproduction of brown or black pigment in the skin. Skin pigment exposure to the sun creates age spots.
  • Age spots also occur on people’s skin who have a hereditary tendency. The cause of age spots can be if age spots are also there in other family members’ skin.
  • Excess sunlight or ultraviolet light exposure can also cause age spots.
  • It can cause due to using a tanning bed and sun tanning bed.
  • Aging also causes age spots. With the moving age, dark spots appear on the skin.

Treatment for Age Spots

Consult an experienced cosmetic doctor to get the treatment for age spots. Age spots can get removed by different procedures such as MNRF, chemical peel, and Nd-yag laser. Using any of these procedures reduces age spots from the skin.


An experienced cosmetic surgeon can examine the age spots and check the condition of them. Doctors will figure out the behavior of the age spots such as-

  1. Size
  2. Colour
  3. Shape
  4. Growth

After the examination, the doctor will recommend a biopsy to confirm if it is an age spot or not.

Biopsy Test

The doctor will recommend a biopsy test to confirm that it is nothing more than an age spot. For the biopsy, a tiny piece from the skin is taken where the age spot is located. Then, the piece is sent to the check to check whether it’s an age spot or something else. After confirming the age spots, the doctor will suggest the treatment to remove age spots.

Medical Procedures

After examination and biopsy report, the doctor tells about medical procedures. By performing any of these procedures, age spots can be reduced or removed. The cosmetic surgeon will suggest the best medical method depending on the condition of age spots.

  1. Chemical Peel

A chemical peel is a treatment used to fade away the age spots and scars to improve the skin’s texture. In this treatment, specialized doctors apply a chemical solution to facial skin where age spots are present. With the help of this treatment, the layer of the skin with age spots will burn and peel down. After some time, a new layer of skin will grow on that skin area without any spots.

Treatment Procedure of Chemical Peel

  • For the chemical peel, the treatment dermatologist will give local anesthesia for medium strength peel to numb the affected area. If it’s a deeper peel doctor will inject general anesthesia to numb the skin.
  • After numbing, the doctor will properly apply a chemical solution containing glycolic acid on the face with a cotton ball. He will leave the solution on the skin for some time to show its effect.
  • After some time, dermatologists use a smooth tip applicator to put phenol on the affected skin.
  • Then, the doctor leaves the solution on the skin and let it dry. When chemicals dry off, skin starts peeling, and patients might feel irritated or itchy for some time. After peeling, a glowing and clear skin layer appears on the skin.
  1. Miniature Needle Radio Frequency (MNRF)

MNRF is a treatment in which a small needle is used with radiofrequency waves to reduce age spots. With the help of this treatment, acne scars and all spots from sin reduce, and clear skin is visible. MNRF therapy will remove all the darkness, pores, spots, and scars from the skin. If performed by an experienced dermatologist, Therapy will show effective results later.

The treatment procedure of MNRF

  • A dermatologist will first use a special cream to numb the skin area for treatment to reduce age spots. With the help of cream, patients feel numb in the treatment area to not feel pain.
  • Then, dermatologists use modern MNRF devices to destroy the age spots. He will set the radio wave level and needles to target the skin deeper.
  • The expert smartly inserts the equipment with microneedles which produce radiofrequency energy. A specialized doctor knows accuracy and how deep they should go.
  • The successful results are visible while performing treatment on targeted skin areas. It is a painless and effective method to bring skin glow back.
  1. Nd-Yag Laser

The full form of laser is ‘light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation.’ Ndyag (neodymium-doped yttrium aluminum garnet) laser is a laser therapy used to treat the skin through radiation. In Ndyag laser therapy, the Ndyag substance is used as a laser medium for skin treatment. With a wavelength of 1064 nm, Ndyag laser therapy goes deep in the skin and destroys unhealthy cells. With the help of heat, targeted skin area damaged cells get destroyed, and skin starts looking clearer.

Treatment Procedure of Ndyag Laser

  • Firstly, a dermatologist gives opaque glasses to the patient for eye protection during the treatment.
  • Then, a doctor will use handy laser equipment and apply it to the pigmented skin.
  • The handy laser device will release radiofrequency energy. It affects the age spots and reduces them during the Therapy. The Therapy takes around 20-30minutes. After Therapy, results are visible on the skin easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are age spots linked with cancer?

No, age spots do not have any link with cancer. If you notice rough patches, feel pain or itchy, visit the dermatologist. However, age spots are not linked with cancer but consult a dermatologist if there is pain, blood, or reddish. He will examine the skin and perform a biopsy test to confirm if it is an age spot or skin cancer.

What are the benefits of age spots treatment?

The treatment for age spots is very effective, and it has many benefits-

  1. Reduce and remove age spots
  2. Improves texture of the skin
  3. Skin becomes clean and glow
  4. Remove all scars and spots
  5. Reduce darkness
  6. Reduce stretch marks and wrinkles
  7. Tighten and smoothen the skin

What are the side effects of age spots treatment?

There are no significant side effects of age spots treatments. It is a painless procedure with some minor and short-term side effects.

  • Redness and sensitive skin
  • Itchy and irritating skin
  • Swelling on skin
  • Burning and tingling feeling

It is not necessary that every skin will show side effects. However, some minor and common side effects can happen.

Who is the right candidate for age spots treatment?

Everyone who has age spots is the right candidate for this treatment. It is unnecessary to go for the treatment because age spots do not cause any harm. But, to have clear and glowing skin, people go for age spots treatment.

  • People who get severe side effects from medical treatments should first consult a dermatologist. The dermatologist can provide the best solution if a patient faces significant side effects.
  • People suffering from skin cancer or another skin disease should avoid age spots treatment.
  • If suffering from any physical disease or disorder, a person should consult the doctor first and get approval.

What is the treatment for age spots?

There are many types of treatment for age spots. They are not harmful, but people want to remove them to have clear skin. They do not cause any pain or irritation, but they affect appearance.

Creams- People can apply the cream for minor age spots. Bleaching cream can help to reduce the small age spots. But, it is a long-term process because it takes time. You will not see results within a day. You will see results after 8-9 months. If you want instant results, go for medical treatment.

Medical Treatment- For medical treatment, consult an experienced dermatologist. There are multiple treatments that reduce age spots instantly. Some of the most effective treatments are chemical pee, MNRF, and Ndyag laser. The medical treatment removes the age spots and provides glowing clear skin. Medical treatment is the safest, most effective, and fast method to remove age spots.

Does age spots treatment give permanent results?

Yes, age spots treatment gives permanent results. But, patients have to follow dermatologist guidelines to avoid more age spots. In addition, the treatment can fail if the patient will not take precautions. For example, the treatment will fail if the skin gets exposed to UV rays or sunlight.

What is post-treatment care for age spots?

  • Do not go in sunlight for 4-5 days. The sunlight affects the treated area of the skin negatively.
  • Avoid exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays to avoid more growth of age spots.
  • Do not use a tanning bed after the treatment.
  • Apply cream only suggested by the dermatologist after the treatment.
  • After consulting the dermatologist, use sunscreen with SPF 40 protection while going in sunlight.

What is the cost of age spots treatment in India?

There is no specific cost of treatment. It depends on the treatment the patient will choose. The cost of treatment is different for all types of treatment, whether it’s chemical peel or MNRF. The medical treatment costs are high because it requires expertise in modern equipment and gives effective results. Age spots treatments cost around INR 30,000 and can go up to INR 1,00,000. The cost of treatment majorly depends on the clinic location, doctor experience, and body area for treatment.

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