Eyebrow Transplant

Eyebrow Transplant

With the elevation of precision and efficiency in multiple innovative techniques & advanced technology, the Transplants are today as standard as others. And so is the fact that many unique formulations and categories in Transplants are turning the head-up -one of those is Eyebrow Transplant.

The transplants of kidney, pancreas, lungs & liver are very well known in the Transplant area though the Transplant of hair, nose, Eyebrow, and others are even more frequent these days. Suppose you’re confused with what Eyebrow Transplant is. In that case, it’s like the other cosmetic Surgeries where the doctors perform Surgery on your eyebrow area to make it look more charming if you have a very light eyebrow.

This means if your Eyebrow has no Hairs on them or the line of hairs present is very few, it makes an aesthetic shape. Even if one tries to furnish it or adjust it using makeup, it is extremely odd.

Eyebrow transplants come up with an everlasting idea to refurnish, replenish and tweak eyebrows that have lost their charm because of different factors. This acts as a bridge to build an aesthetically pleasing Eyebrow to enhance one’s charm, and on the other hand, it also uplifts one’s self-confidence.

Sharing the similarity with the already present head hair transplant techniques, this type of hair rehabilitation also implies the same procedure of extracting single grafts or strips from the donor site and transplanting it into the eyebrows. 

Ideally, most people looking forward to an eyebrow transplant deal with thinner arches due to the heredity problem, any other health problem, or trauma. That’s why they do this Surgery to get similar hairs from the donor area and solve this problem of Eyebrows thinning.

Eyebrow Transplant is a surgical method where the thinner portion of eyebrows is filled using the hair grafts adopted or picked out of the donor area or part ( which has sufficient hair grafts in it). It entails the transfer of hair follicles from one point to the other to give the Eyebrow a good shape. Therefore, it is called an Eyebrow Transplant.

eyebrow transplant

What is Eyebrow Transplant

Eyebrow Transplant is a cosmetic surgery done using advanced ( surgical) techniques and methods. This method involves the deposits of Eyebrow hair follicles on the Eyebrow, particularly on a specific zone that has thin or no hair. The Transplant has nothing complicated and is even done under local anesthesia. Therefore, this Transplant mostly has the effective results analogous with it. 

For a long time, People have been suffering from thin & sparse Eyebrows problems where they mostly feel intimidated at times. This problem ruins the entire charm of the face; makes it look so ugly. And in women, mostly, this problem is seen making them feel very unpleasant & embarrassed.

Eyebrow Transplant Procedure

Every Transplant or cosmetic procedure or any other treatment starts with a complete guide to the entire treatment procedure -how, what & when? And this is also the same with Eyebrow transplants. So, here’s the entire treatment procedure for Eyebrow Transplant. Hope it helps:

The complete treatment procedure starts with consulting with the dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon who does these surgeries. Then they’ll recommend when and where the entire Surgery will be executed. Of course, if you want to offer your suggestions, you are always welcome. However, in the end, they will ask you to go with their choice, and that is preferable.

Finally, they will take you to the most secure place to perform the entire procedure. These places are a bit expensive but very safe and secured as well. And the treatment should be done in such places to avoid infection. And you should never perform these types of surgeries with underrated clinics or hospitals as these places are not so clean or safe, which can cause you serious infections.

You don’t have to worry much about the treatment procedure as your doctors would finalize everything from medicines incisions to the clinic and post-surgical requirements. 

Who is the Right Candidate for Eyebrow Transplant?

It is very crucial to understand who’s the right candidate for Eyebrow Transplant as not everyone’s who has very Eyebrow or has less brow is the right candidate to do thus Transplant;if there’s any minimal thinning or less no. of brows which some can manage makeup or using cosmetics, then one must not have to perform or must not is the right candidate for Eyebrow Transplant. Know whether you’re the right candidate for Eyebrow Transplant or not:

  • People who have no or significantly less eyebrow hair due to health crises, genetic disorders, and other problems. Sometimes, due to genetic disorders, People face such problems, which can’t be cured using medicines.
  • People have thinning Eyebrows and can’t adjust to the evening using makeup. These people can face this problem since childhood or after an accident or aftermath of any disease.

Procedure of Eyebrow Transplant 

The Transplant of Eyebrow and the entire procedure associated follow a series of steps that a patient has to go through to get that glam in the Eyebrow’s back. These series of steps are: 

  • Negotiation and discuss
  • Extraction of hair follicles 
  • Transplantation in the receipt area
  • Recuperation

Negotiation and Discussion: The entire structure of the eyebrows is constituted at the time of the substantial examination. In this phase, the doctor makes an entire chart to be followed until the surgery’s completion, which has some features and some requirements to be taken care of by the patient.

The graft of Hair Follicles: This is the initial phase of the entire Transplant procedure. Your doctor lifts or extracts the grafts from the graft using the unshaved method ideally applied on people with long hair. 

This process is also easy to perform for small hairs. Graft cultivation with the assistance of the unshaven process only needs shaving a very small part on the back of the head. 

(Here, the “unshaved” is only used to refer to the fact that the rest of your hair covers a small shaved area. The shaved area where the follicles were extracted is not visible to others.

At the time of extracting hair follicles. Only single strains of hair are removed in this method, while other methods have less exposure to this. 

Transplantation in the Receipt area: The receipt part or area (eyebrows) is made ready by injecting the anesthesia as a part of the Transplantation process. Then the doctor starts the Transplant process with the help of a pen known as the Implant Pen ( this is used to remove the Follicles).

Recuperation: A bandage is put in on the Transplant area after the Surgery to avoid the hair follicles not being parted and are attached correctly to the Eyebrows area. This also maintains a distance from other major complications. 

Your doctor will also let you know how to take care of your transplanted brows. You have to take care of your skincare routine and food habits and avoid things like rubbing or putting your hands again and again on the Transplant area, at least for a few days.

Before Surgery of Eyebrow Transplant 

Before your eyebrow transplant, your doctor will ask you to provide every detail of your entire medical history. This is for your safety and to ensure no post-surgical complications or side effects. Sometimes, there are medical complications present in you which aren’t favorable to perform these surgeries. And even though this Surgery is very standard, these underlying complications can make it extremely dangerous. Therefore, you have to let your doctor know your previous medical history.

After Surgery of Eyebrow Transplant 

The whole method of or after a surgical procedure of Eyebrow Transplant is all about the growth of new hair follicles naturally. After the Surgery, the thinning part will be filled with the Transplanted hair follicles or grafts backing it to look as good as the natural one. But these Transplanted Follicles will fall eventually after a few weeks of the Transplant, and then the new and natural eyebrow hair graft will start to blossom or grow. Of course, the natural eyebrow growth can also take a few months, but it will. And then again, you’ll be able to enjoy your organic Eyebrows and an enchanting charm back on your face. 

What to Expect and Medications?

Suppose you’re not know what your expectations should be post the Surgery. Then here’s a sneak-peak of what should be expected or how things will go on: 

The layers where the hair follicles are put will fall off eventually after the Surgery; hardly within a week you’ll witness this. After this, the natural hair follicles will be grown out of the transplanted area.

Undoubtedly, the transplanted hairs will see a fall within a couple of weeks after the Transplants. This is usual, and the natural hairs will start growing within a few months.

Some people are discharged 4 or 5 days after the Surgery with not even a single ordinary sign showing they have had surgery a few days before.

First 24 hours after the surgery, you may be instructed to use Saline Follicle Spray over the eyebrows every 2-3 hours to make the grafts remain moist. This will make you feel relaxed.

You must remember to not apply any extremely cold or warm items in the Eyebrow area after the Surgery. If you feel irritated with the swelling, you can add some eyes in the neighboring parts of the Eyebrow to feel relaxed.

You have to understand that a complete exposure to sunlight after your Surgery is not suitable for your body as it could bring certain complications, so take care of this and keep in mind to stay away from that.  

As there’s an opportunity for some infections, swelling, and restlessness after the Surgery, thinking of your convenience, the doctor or surgeon will direct you to take antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs, and some pain killers. However, no serious medication will be asked to bring into the scene. The main motive is not to leave any roads open for future complications. In most cases, it is seen that since this step is sometimes skipped by the patients, in the future, they face serious infections.

Eyebrow Transplant Cost

An eyebrow transplant is considered not as difficult or complex a procedure compared to a hair, neck, or breast Transplant where the risks are high, though you have to spend a hefty amount for this. Being a cosmetic procedure requires a lot of effort as a simple mistake has no place. So, the doctor will surely ask you for a reasonable amount, and you will be ready for that.

The correct cost for your eyebrow transplant cannot be estimated, or there’s no such absolute report we can present here, but based on some findings and research, we can say that it will vary more depending on your needs as an individual; that what level of treatment and surroundings you want. Therefore, on average, this overall procedure may cost you anywhere between $3,000 to $6,000. This is exclusive of other facilities like consulting fees, hospital fees, and other charges.

Apart from this, it is also highly needed to be attentive to other possible expenses related to the costs externally ( which can be any other factor) with the original procedure. That is, if you need additional implants after the recovery period, you will have to pay for that Transplant according to whatever it costs. Hence, ensure that you have a secured amount with you to handle the entire transplant cost-efficiently.

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