Does Minoxidil Actually Work As A Treatment For Hair Loss?

Yes. Minoxidil has been shown to stop hair loss in 2 out of three men and is currently the sole treatment approved by the FDA. Minoxidil’s primary function is to stop and hamper hair loss; hair regrowth is more of a side effect.

Minoxidil cannot create new hair follicles, so it can’t be wont to grow hair that has already been lost. due to this, Minoxidil are going to be most useful when the hair loss is caught early in order that it can prevent and hamper future loss.

One study showed that fifty Minoxidil was simpler at preventing hair loss and encouraged hair growth 45% quite its 2% solution counterpart. additionally , the five hundred Minoxidil was superior in achieving hair growth both earlier and faster (Olsen).

How long will it fancy see results?

Minoxidil is proven to figure , but noticeable results require patience. many of us start to ascertain less hair loss and a few new growth in 4 to six months. For best results, this medication must be applied twice daily. Since discontinuing Minoxidil will stop the progress of the treatment, it’s best when used as a part of a daily routine.

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