Hair Root Stimulation Treatment (HRST)

With aging the baldness starts expanding through the head and hairline. It is possible to treat baldness without the need of hair transplant, if it is treated on time. Baldness occurs due several reasons, which includes lifestyle, genetic, some medical conditions or illness, etc. One thing which is very important to increase the hair growth rate is the blood circulation through the hair roots.
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Hair loss or baldness treatment in Delhi at Delhi Hair Transplant Clinic will help you restore the confidence, no matter if you are a man or woman. We ensure you regain your confidence with or without hair transplant depending on the conditions and cause of your hair fall. The HRST, Hair Root Stimulation Treatment helps stimulate the blood circulation. It enhances the hair growth cycle. The therapy can also be combined with more treatments to motivate hair growth effectively. It works well for both men and women suffering from partial baldness.