Stretch Mark treatment

What Are Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks are a kind of scarring that happens when areas of the skin undergo a state of excessive growth or ‘stretching’. These usually appear in areas just like the stomach, thighs, hips, breasts, upper arms, and lower back. Stretch marks manifest as red or purple lines initially then eventually fade into thin, white-silvery lines with a zig-zag texture.

Causes Of Stretch Marks

Pregnancy – Stretch marks associated with pregnancy are quite common for ladies . this is often directly associated with the massive weight gain during the amount . Small tears are caused within the supporting skin which appear as glossy and white streaks.

Rapid Weight Change – a rise in weight round the stomach, thigh, and hip areas can cause the creation of stretch marks. These also can appear or increase in frequency on extreme weight loss from the stretching of the loose skin.

Corticosteroid Creams, Lotions, And Pills – an impact of most corticosteroid creams and lotions is that the depletion of collagen within the skin. Collagen is liable for the elasticity and texture of the skin, and therefore the lack of it are often directly associated with the rise of stretch marks.

How To Get obviate Stretch Marks?

Stretch Mark Removal Treatment (For Men & Women)
As with most skin texture treatments, stretch marks are often effectively treated. While lifestyle changes supplemented with creams and lotions may be a conventional thanks to approach the difficulty , microdermabrasion and chemical peels can tackle stretch marks on a surface level. far and away the foremost effective thanks to affect stretch marks is with laser treatment.

Laser Treatment For Stretch Marks

How Does It Work? This treatment uses Pixel Erbium-YAG Fractional Resurfacing Lasers, which creates microscopic wounds. The stretch marks start to fade over time by ending the tissue below. This promotes the expansion of latest skin by inducing collagen production and cell renewal, which ends up in new skin being formed.

Benefits Of Laser Treatment: Laser treatment is far and away the foremost effective way of handling stretch marks. it’s a coffee downtime and isn’t invasive. in comparison to other solutions (like surgery), laser treatments are cheaper and don’t have any major risks involved.

Side Effects Of Laser Treatment: Laser treatments for stretch marks have minimal side effects. Typically, mild redness, itching or swelling may occur at the target sites, but these only last for a couple of days at the most . Anything severe will only occur in clinics with low standards of safety.

Before And After Results: Surface level stretch marks can dissipate within a month of the treatment with the deeper stretch marks gradually improving in texture and toning down over three to 6 months.

Other Treatments For Stretch Marks (For Men & Women)

Microdermabrasion For Stretch Marks: the method of removing dead cells from the surface layers of skin by way of exfoliation is microdermabrasion. this will dissolve stretch marks by removal of an equivalent layers. However, this might cause pigmentation and further scarring.

Chemical Peels: A chemical peel uses a chemical solution to get rid of the highest layers of damaged and dead skin to reveal the bottom layers where stretch marks and scars aren’t that prominent. Their success rate with stretch marks leads only to fading and not complete removal.

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