Gummy Smile

What’s considered a gummy smile?

No exact definition exists for a gummy smile. actually , it largely rests within the eye of the beholder. Your perception of your gumline might be affected by:

  • the height and shape of your teeth
  • the way your lips move once you smile
  • the angle of your jaw compared with the remainder of your face

Generally speaking, 3 to 4 millimeters of exposed gumline is taken into account to be disproportionate, leading to a gummy smile.

Lip repositioning surgery

If your lips are the explanation for your gummy smile, your doctor may suggest lip repositioning surgery. The procedure changes the position of your lips relative to your teeth.

It’s done by removing a neighborhood of animal tissue from the underside of your upper lip. this may prevent the elevator muscles located within the area of your lip and nose from lifting your upper lip too high above your teeth.

What does lip repositioning surgery involve?

  • The surgery is performed under local anaesthesia so you won’t feel pain.
  • Once your mouth is numb, the periodontist will make two incisions on the underside of your upper lip and take away a
  • neighborhood of animal tissue from the world .
  • After the animal tissue is removed, the periodontist will stitch up the incisions.
  • The procedure lasts from 45 minutes to 1 hour.
  • After the procedure, your periodontist may prescribe antibiotics and pain medication for you.
  • Recovery typically takes a few week.
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