Direct Hair Transplant

Direct  Hair Transplant

Hair loss & thinning in men & women are widespread in hair-related problems. And there are a lot of different methods present to deal with it. But Direct Hair Transplant is more favourable in the case of men as it gives exposure to density more. 

You know that owing to such dramatic hair conditions or other related conditions, the men feel losing their self-esteem. They, at times, also feel intimidated. However, this technique can help all of them bring that confidence back at ease.

In Direct Hair Transplant, the possibility or the survival percentage of the harvested Follicles are very high and entirely relies on a no. of external factors. Amongst them, the most critical factors are cold temperatures, mechanical trauma, graft hydration and prevention of infection. 

The transfer timeline between Follicles, or graft harvesting and implantation, is equally considered an essential determinant for the survival rate. Subsequently, if the transfer period gets reduced to a much wider extent, it majorly enhances the possibility of follicle existence or survival by strengthening all the other factors. 

It will also lessen the possibilities present for infections, trauma, and others related to the Follicles. Therefore, we developed a convenient, valuable and modified technique known as direct hair transplantation (DHT), which is easy for all.

What is Direct Hair Transplant?

Direct hair transplant is known as a surgical procedure that removes or disrupts single hair grafts from the donor area, that is, the back of the scalp, to the area that is bald or which has a thin part across the scalp; this area is called as the acceptant or recipient site. 

According to reports, this technique is prevalent among men and is preferable. This also helps to moustache Transplantation and Eye-Brow Transplantation like things.

How Direct Hair Transplant Works?

When we think of performing a hair transplant, we always have a direct quest to know how it works, the advantages, and why one should choose it over the others. 

Absolute natural results: The results, unlike other methods, are natural, pure & organic. And has no side effects or post-surgical complications. It is free from such possibilities.

No use of incisions with no scarring: Scarring and incisions are an integral part of Surgeries. Even most hair transplant techniques involve all these, but with Direct Hair Transplant, one has nothing to fear about these two as these are in no way involved in Direct Hair Transplant.

Less Pain: Usually, a patient has to bear a lot of pain and Post-surgery complications after undergoing such surgeries. But, there is zero pain in this Direct Hair Transplant. This makes it even more exceptional.

High survival rate ( Follicles): The Follicles Transplanted in Direct Hair Transplant has a very high rate of existence; that is said to be 90%. However, the survival rate of Follicles in other techniques is significantly less.

Fast recovery: After the Direct Hair Transplant, the patient recovers very fast and with ease to other procedures requiring a long list of precautions for recovery.

The minimal requirement for a donor: The hair on the donor side generally should be more to accomplish a hair transplant if one goes with other techniques present, but this is not the case with Direct Hair Transplant. A significantly lesser amount of hair is required to do the entire procedure.

Who is the Right Candidate for Direct Hair Transplant?

Direct Hair Transplant or one of the most feasible & ideal ways of Hair Transplant, but who is the right candidate for this DHI ( Direct Hair Transplant). Men & women who have been experiencing straight hair thinning or loss for years are the right ones or suitable candidates to benefit from DHI ( Direct hair transplant). It is the most taken option for those going through heavy hair loss. Now, let’s learn who can do this treatment more clearly.

Men & women who require front line transplantation: Mostly, FUE treatment ( which is quite popular ) allows access to an extensive area, but unfortunately, it isn’t the right choice for those wanting the transplant across the front line. And thus, DHI is most preferable for those into front line transplants. 

Those who need Eye-brow transplantation: Eye-brow transplant requires to be covered into a very high-density, and one treatment that covers a very high-density area is only DHT ( Direct Hair Transplant). 

Men looking for moustache or beard transplantation: Most men looking for moustache or beard transplant should be primarily instructed to opt for DHT rather than others. And DHT has more exposure in this field.

Those men who mostly don’t like shaving: There are a lot of men out there who don’t like to shave a lot or at all, and those men like to go by DHT ( Direct Hair Transplant).

Men & women who are expecting to have broader and high solidity in their Fading and Balding zone: As already mentioned, this DHT Technique is more famous for its high-density exposures, men & women expecting to do broad in their Fading and Balding zones are good at choosing this at the top of anything.

Procedure of Direct Hair Transplant

DHT ( Direct Hair Transplant) is as famous as the other Hair Transplant Techniques. Still, its procedure can be done at ease, and it is its procedure that makes it more famous among people, and the flexibility of this procedure is the primary reason most people use it. Here is the entire procedure explained for DHT ( Direct Hair Transplant): 

Trimming: The doctor or Surgeon will first slightly cut or trim the benefactor ( donor) area and then drive the cranium with enduring and durable anaesthesia (local). This step is the primary step and is performed before any Surgery.

Inject of a sedative: The next step is all about the sedatives. Although no general anaesthesia is mandatory in this method and local anaesthesia is used, you are likely to be given a sedative that will eventually help you feel calm and go into a night of sleep since the entire step for this transplant requires a lot of time.

Harvest of Hair Follicles: The following technique harvests the Hair Grafts by using the FUE technique. That means each single hair follicle present will be harvested using the premium cuff. This will be put into action to ensure that the scars are at least. 

The miniscule incisions will be made to treat the hair follicles, and then insert them into the incisions at the same time. Over 3,000 hair grafts can be transplanted in a single session. 

Before Surgery of Direct Hair Transplant

Direct Hair Transplant is a straightforward & easy-to-go hair transplant procedure, though better you remember some steps before putting this method in use. This is just for your satisfaction and ruling out all future possibilities of negative impact: 

Remember that as estimated, nearly 75% percent of transplanted hair is expected to fully grow within the period of three to four months maximum.

As the daily hair, the transplanted hair will also, to some extent, start falling over time.

Those with dormant hair grafts may have lower effective results than anticipated.

After Surgery of Direct Hair Transplant

 One who undergoes surgery always waits for the after surgery effects- why would they be, good or bad? This is a very standard query which comes us to men & women. Well, the after surgery effects of your Direct Hair Transplant ( DHT) is written below.

After the surgery, your scalp turns into an extreme tender position. Although this Direct Hair Transplant has no such difficult pain to bear after the surgery, your Surgeon asks you to take some medicines just for your safety. The medication will continue for a very brief period. 

Adding to this, you also, as a part of the post-surgical protocol, have to put on a bandage across your scalp and also have to apply for some medicines again for safety purposes. One more thing could also be multiplied by this: the anti-inflammatory drugs ( which you have to take for a couple of days). However, you can quickly get completely well within 1-2 days after your surgery and act according to your choice.

What to expect & Medications?

Direct Hair Transplant or any other type of Hair Plant, the Hair Transplant is known to be one of the most sensible & complex procedures where the Surgeon has to put all the potential to bring out the best results; even a tiny mistake can destroy everything. But at the same time, one can get the anticipated & expectable result only if they take care of a few post-surgical factors, which play a vital role after the hair transplant. 

Coming to the factors and what are they and how to follow them? These post-surgical factors, which on a very critical note, decides the results of your Hair Transplant, are as follows: 

Maintaining a healthy diet: Most of the time, we see a hair related problem, whether it be hair thinning or hair fall, because one of the many reasons behind it is the unhealthy food we eat without maintaining a proper diet regularly. This little mistake leads to hair fall & thinning a lot of times.

Using specialist Authorised Hair Care Products:  We use a hair lot of hair products as we think these will be proven good for our hair and make it look more shiny & healthy. But unfortunately, many of these products are the reasons we face severe hair problems; most of these products are not chemical-free, and as a consequence of using them, we suffer from severe hair issues. Therefore, it is better for you to use the products after consulting with a Hair-care specialist who will prescribe the suitable products.

Reduce smoking or drinking ( if one does): Men & women who consume alcohol & smoke frequently should limit such habits. Excessive consumption of alcohol or continuous smoking not only affects your whole body part, including hair growth. The consumption of such things weakens your Hair Follicles and results in excessive hair thinning and severe balding.

Having explained the factors, it is essential and crucial for one to understand that all the techniques can help us to have good results, some of these techniques can even help us to get good hair for a longer period, but none of these results is either for the entire life or comes right next to the surgery. 

Some people get the results within a few months, and others get that after years. However, to make these results stay longer, one has to be very attentive towards taking proper care of the diet & hair care. Patients see benefits six to nine months following surgery. 

Direct Hair Transplant Cost

The average cost of a Direct hair transplant, as anticipated, will be somewhat around $362 for 1000 hair follicles. Yes, this is how the cost of a Hair Transplant is anticipated. If someone performs more hair follicles, the cost eventually increases. 

Apart from this, you also have to pay a consultation fee and the fees required in the clinic. Adding all these, we can conclude that the cost of Hair Transplant costs will lie somewhere between the range of  ($362 – $1450). And this will also cover the other additional charges. 

On the other hand, the hair transplant cost also depends on a per follicle basis, as stated above and on the thinning or baldness density of a man or woman. Therefore, the DHT is primarily preferable for men to that of women. And thus, one can’t be 100% sure about the exact cost estimating.   

Before surgery, if you want to be prepared about the entire expenses of the transplant, you also have the option to directly connect with the Surgeon or with the various Hospitals & Clinics to check which is the best in the city and which one is the better option for you. By doing this little research, you’ll be able to collect authentic information.

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