FUT Hair Transplant

What is FUT Hair Transplant? It’s complete process?

To understand the FUT hair transplant, we first need to understand a few terms:

Grafts/ Follicles: hair basically grow during a group of 2-5 hair. This combined group is understood as graft or follicles. These grafts and follicles are help along side the assistance of a root, which is embedded in skin.

Donor area: is that the area which is capable of giving hair to bald areas of the top . This area is typically at the rear side of the top or on the edges of the top . This area is capable of giving hair to the bald areas of the top . From this area the grafts of follicles are obtained.

fut hair transplant


Recipient area: This area is that the receiver of the hair follicles. This area is essentially the bald area of the top . during this area, very minute holes are dug with the assistance of a machine in order that the extracted follicles from donor area along side roots are often transplanted into this bald area.

This technique is older than FUT technique and its full form is Follicular Unit Transplantation. during this technique basically hair from the rear and side of the top are extracted surgically during a strip form along side the roots of the hair. Before that anesthesia is given to numb the world for extraction. The hair on the rear and sides of the top remain for while intact on the scalp because hair during this area aren’t susceptible to baldness in most of the people. However, exceptions are there.

Some people don’t have hair even at the rear and sides of the top . Such people needn’t to stress as science has developed another technique for them that’s called hair transplant. this system is explained under hair transplant section. Then from this strip one by one follicles are extracted along side roots and transplanted surgically on the bald areas of the top .

Issues in FUT hair transplant:

  1. This procedure is surgery so basically stitches are made within the donor area, from where the strip of hair is extracted. Thus patient may suffer delay in recovery, can face problems while sleeping in initial days.
  2. Sometimes infection can occur in stitches. Sometimes stitches can split for any reason thus recovery time and pain and irritation can persist for extended .
  3. Thanks to the stitches, sometimes scars remain on scalp for lifetime. And this scar not only spoils the design while person opts for any hairdo but also remain painful for long.
  4. Sometimes absorbable stitches take long to heal and thus gives problems to the patient in terms of cash and time. As patient must revisit.
  5. Recovery from FUT hair Transplant and Post Operative Instructions:

Generally absorbable stitches are wont to treat the world from where hair are taken. The stitches will get dissolved in one moth approximately. However, there could also be some feeling of discomfort especially while sleeping. Heavy physical activities should be avoided during this era or for the time as prescribed by your doctor. Heavy physical activities include gym, swimming, sports, sex etc.