Large Pores

Large Pores: All you need to know about Large Pores

People usually disguise or conceal large pores using makeup products, treatments, and creams. It is an important reminder that should be given to all the people out there that skin conditions like large pores are common for any human being.

As human beings, we step outside the house and our skin faces all the oil, heat, dust, and other such natural substances. These things tend to clog the natural pores in our skin making them look bad in the form of large pores.

But it should be noted that everyone has different skin conditions in these years of such high levels of pollution in the environment. It is natural to get your pores clogged causing large pores as a skin condition. Even if you take care of your skin, then also due to the weather, or the skin type you could go through this skin condition.

What is Large pores?

When the normal size of the pores of our skin enlarges, they are known as large pores. Large pores are referred to as a skin condition in which the ducts carrying sweat and water open up in the form of depressions on our skin, these depressions on the skin are seen to be large pores. If you are having a skin condition of large pores, your pores happen to get clogged with dust, oil, and sweat.

Large pores are generally seen as a sign of declining beauty or aging. These large pores can increase due to aging or no skin care. In this condition, the pores open up more than their usual size welcoming the entrance of dust, sweat, and oil to clog into the pores making the skin look bad and unpattern.

The appearance of Large pores depends upon the way you take care of your skin. This skin condition also depends on the weather you are living in, the diet you are taking, and the age group you belong to. Generally, large pores are seen in people who are on the verge of aging or in the people who spend a lot of time outside in dusty, and sunny areas.

Although what kind of large pores you might have depends upon many factors but majorly there are three kinds of large pores that are mostly seen in people. Three of them are mentioned below:

  1. O-shaped large pores: These pores are most likely to be found in the areas of our face like the area around the nose and forehead. These areas produce a good amount of oil for the people having oily skins. Pores in these areas are formed due to excessive oil produced by the glands there. They might cause a lot of pimples and blackheads in this T-zone of our face.
  2. U-shaped large pores: These kinds of pores are mostly seen in people with dry skin. They do not exactly appear to be U-shaped. They may be caused due to the loss of collagen that may cause the enlargement of the regular size of your pores. This kind of pores might get disguised or a little bit concealed on applying some good moisturizer or cream.
  3. Y-shaped large pores: These kinds of pores are generally seen on the cheeks area of the people. They can be described as falling water droplets. These kinds of pores can be described as rough, unpattern, and loose. They are more likely to appear as a sign of aging over the years.

The kind of pores that you can get entirely depends upon your gender, the environment you breed in, the amount of care you take for your skin, and also your age.

What causes Large Pores?

There could be n number of reasons that are causing you this skin condition of large pores but there are some specific reasons that are seen in most of the population that suffers from this condition of large pores. Some of such specific reasons that are the causes of the large pores in your skin are mentioned below:

  1. Genes: Genes play a very important role in the kind of body and skin that you might have. A lot of people may think that it is possible to transform your skin and body the way you like but this comes with certain limits. The genes put an extent or we can also say a limit on the degree to how much we can transform our skin and body.

If you have a family history of this skin condition, there is an extent to which you can use some remedies and products to clear out your large pores. Large pores are bound to happen if this skin condition runs in your family. It is also seen in biological studies that men are bound to have more obvious large pores as compared to women.

  1. Too oily skin: If you have oily skin, there are high chances that you will go through this skin condition of large pores. The excessive secretion of oil is one the biggest reason for the clogging of the pores causing them to increase in size and become a skin condition.

If your body has a habit of producing excessive oil then you are most likely to get caught up in this skin condition. You can do some good changes in your diet and skincare to manage the level of oils that would help with your condition of large pores.

  1. Aging: Aging is also one of the very famous causes of this skin condition. As the age increases, the ducts in the skin tend to open up as depressions in the form of large pores. Our skin tends to deteriorate as we age. So, that is the reason people are advised to take extra care of their body and skin when they start to age. There are ways to control the appearance of the large pores by having a healthy diet and a good skincare routine.
  1. Lifestyle: The atmosphere and environment you live and work in play a very crucial role in well being of your body and skin. The factors of the environment also include the weather conditions that you have to encounter in day-to-day life.

If you spend much of your time outside in the sun where you tend to welcome sweat, dust, and oil on your face, then you are more prone to the skin condition of large pores. Because the factors like sweat and oil are the main reason people have large pores.

  1. UV rays: Exposure to the sun can be very useful but only to an extent. Regular exposure to the sun for prolonged periods also means exposure to the UV rays which are quite harmful and unhealthy for our skin. Regular exposure can cause the skin to loosen up causing all the large pores on the surface of your skin. You should use good sunscreen and other measures like covering your face while going out in the heat of the sun.

Fractional Laser MNRF

MNRF is known by its full name Micro Needling Radio Frequency. This process is a combination of the traditional micro needling technique which was used for different skin procedures and the radiation techniques that are used widely today. MNRF is one of the favorite choices of the people who opt for procedures for different skin conditions like large pores, acne, stretch marks, and other skin problems.

In this process, there is a rapid penetration’s of needles through the process called micro needling without causing any damage to the epidermis of the skin. This process helps to put volume in the skin cells, rejuvenate the skin, and repair the skin cells. For open pores Collagen Induction Therapy might also be performed.

The procedure is conducted in such a way that the radio frequency (RF) helps to remove the unwanted collagen fibers that cause the pores to open and increase in the size. Whereas, the micro needling helps in the healing and growth. This procedure of Micro Needling Radio Frequency is only performed on the targeted area. The process aims at the production of healthy collagen fibers to regulate the opening of such large pores in the future. The radiations are aimed under the epidermis for reaching the collagen fibers.

This process is quite convenient for people who have this skin condition of large pores at a very huge scale. The process of MNRF is a bit expensive at cost. But this process is quite effective as it operates directly with the collagen which is the main reason for the occurrence of large pores. The process is performed with the aim of causing minimal pain. There is a certain amount of time that is required for the healing of the targeted area.

The number of sittings required by a person entirely depends upon how well your skin is reacting to the procedure. The procedure generally takes 4-5 sittings for your skin condition but it might vary according to the response your skin gives to the procedure. The sitting vary according to the sensitivity of the skin too. This procedure is better than the traditional method as it involves less pain and time. The process is about 1 hour long per sitting but the time for the process also depends upon the amount of area targeted.

Aftercare for the procedure

There are some aftercare instructions that have to be followed after you take up the Micro Needling Radio Frequency procedure. This aftercare is as important as the procedure is. Any disturbance caused after the procedure can disrupt the effects of the process as well as cause some side effect.

  • You should not take up any anti-inflammatory medicines for at least one week after you get your MNRF process done.
  • You should not rub or put ice on your face too quickly after you are done with your process. This disrupts the natural rejuvenation of the skin that is taking place because of the process.
  • You should avoid prolonged and direct contact with the sun for at least two weeks after the process.
  • You are advised to use a sunscreen of SPF 30 and more after 24 hours of the process.
  • If you feel or experience any soreness, you can take a painkiller like Tylenol.
  • You are advised to prevent using creams like Arnica and Bromelain on the targeted area.


What foods reduce pores on face?

Cucumber is one of those natural foods that helps you to reduce the large pores on your face. The good amount of silica present in cucumber not only tightens the skin which leads to decrease in size of the pores, it also makes your skin look young.

Lemon is the other food that helps you with this skin condition of large pores. Lemon has an ingredient called astringent which is good for reduction of these large pores.

Do large pores mean oily skin?

Large pores are quite an indicator that you have oily skin. The major reason behind the skin condition of large pores is the clogging of oil through ducts. As your pores become large they secrete more oil that is visible on the surface itself. Although, people with dry skins also have large pores but those pores are small in comparison to the people who have large pores.

What foods cause large pores?

The major cause for the formation of large pores is oil secretion. So, the food that are high in oil content are more likely to cause or contribute in the skin condition of large pores. The food containing items like oil, ghee, butter, sugar, milk, chocolate facilitate the growth of this skin condition of large pores. These food items increase the oil content in the body which leads to secretion of more oil resulting in large pores.

Does drinking water minimize pores?

 Yes. Of course drinking water can minimize your pores to a certain level. Drinking a lot of water would maintain the oil balance in your body which would in turn result in the reduction of such large pores. You can also increase your daily water content through a good diet which has a lot of fruits that could rejuvenate your skin.

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