Hydra facial

What is a Hydra-facial?

Hydrafacial is that the name for a tool from Edge Systems, LLC. It combines 2 aesthetic standard treatments: dermabrasion and a really , Very light chemical peel. While it does add a replacement twist to dermabrasion, it’s essentially just an exfoliating treatment with the choice of adding a really light peel… and tons of pricy marketing.

The new twist is how the dermabrasion is completed . Dermabrasion simply means exfoliation of the skin, or abrasion of the dermis. This process removes older, inactive, “dead” cells from the surface of the skin, frequently giving the skin a smoother feel and fresher, less “dull” appearance. It often allows for smoother application of cosmetics and better penetration of skin care products.

Dermabrasion has taken many forms through the years, both as professional and at-home treatments, and new versions have often gained serious momentum because the newest fad in anti-aging. we’ve seen everything from dermabrasion with a soft brush, a rough loofah-like sponge (the “Buff-Puff”), a grainy over-the-counter scrub with ground-up apricot pits (St. Ives Apricot Scrub – By the way, please, please don’t use this on your face! you would possibly also lam into your skin with industrial sand paper), expensive automatic rotating brushes (Mia, Clarisonic, etc) and more. Professional, in office treatments have taken the sorts of microdermabrasion; employing a rotating tip or tiny crystals and suction to get rid of dead cells.

What does Hydrafacial cost?

Depending on location, a Hydrafacial usually start at $200-$350 for the essential process, and add-ons (boosters) and take-home products are additional charges. BUYER BEWARE: due to the huge popularity of the treatment and therefore the abundance of Hydrafacial devices in many areas, many providers have started offering the treatment at a lower cost than their competitors, but are not any longer including the peel. Many providers have made the peel another additional upcharge. Without the peel, all you’re getting may be a very expensive dermabrasion treatment. Ask questions before you book a meeting and confirm you get what you’re paying for!

Why is Hydrafacial so expensive?

Because the Hydrafacial company (Edge Systems) has put tons of cash into marketing, the name has gotten tons of media attention. they need spent millions (if not billions) on advertising with social media influencers and on mobile truck/spas that toured the US and Europe from May through October, making a gift of free facials and raising brand awareness. this type of selling is dear , therefore the machine is extremely expensive to get which cost is passed on to the buyer .

In addition, to figure with the machine, the optional peels and serums (added on for an upcharge) which will be administered during a treatment must be purchased through the Hydrafacial company. the costs and options are fixed supported whatever skin care company Hydrafacial is contracting with at the time. this suggests that the provider’s choice of “correctives” (serums) aren’t only very limited, but they’re going to also drive the worth of treatment even higher.

The technology and products themselves (exfoliation, light chemical peels and nourishing serums) aren’t expensive, but the cash put into advertising and packaging has been. Hydrafacial has got to make the cash back somewhere which somewhere is your pocketbook.

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