Dark Circles

Dark Circles: The under-eye shadows

Dark circles which can be spotted under your eyes are sarcastically known as the shadows of your dreams. A lot of people believe that dark circles are due to the lifestyle stress that people usually face these days. And this is kind of true too!!

People try to conceal the dark circles with the layers of makeup. There is even a special concealer used that disguises your dark circles under the layers of makeup. A lot of people tend to face these dark circles due to many reasons but dark circles are not a disease neither do they are caused because you have some disease.

Dark circles are just a kind of skin condition faced by a lot of people these days. The shade and extent of the dark circles vary according to the individual. There is no particular intensity of the dark circles. People these days use n number of concealers, makeup, procedures, and products to try to conceal these dark circles.

What is Dark Circles?

In simple terms, dark circles are known to be a skin condition that darkens the area around your eye mostly the area under your eyes. This makes the color of the affected area a bit darker than the color of your skin. The extent of darkening varies according to the effect this condition has on you. They look like some dark patches under and around your eyes.

Dark circles are also known as  Periorbital dark circles. The reason behind this name is that the area around the eye also called the eye socket is known to be the Periorbital area. And dark circles are found under the eyes around this area only.

There are four types of dark circles. Each type may indicate the reason for the occurrence of the dark circles. All the four types of dark circles are listed below:

  • Type 1: These kinds of dark circles are bluish-toned in color. The main causes behind this kind of dark circles can be because you are sleep deprived for a long time, or you have a stressful lifestyle that puts you under great pressure and stress. You might also experience these because you are facing them as some sort of allergy.
  • Type 2: This kind ranges in the color tone brown and black. The main reason behind this kind of dark circles could be sun damage caused by prolonged exposure to the sun, or because you are aging. These are mostly seen in people who have a family history of having this condition of dark circles.
  • Type 3: These types of dark circles are purplish in tone. There are two main reasons behind the occurrence of this type, and those reasons are aging, or you could have some visible blood vessels.
  • Type 4: These kinds of dark circles are like the shadow of your eyes. They are either caused because you are losing some good amount of weight or because your facial structure is in such a way.

What causes Dark circles?

Although there could be many reasons behind the occurrence of this condition of dark circles, there are some common reasons that are faced by most people. Some of the causes of the dark circles are listed below:

  • Aging

Aging is one of the prominent reasons for the occurrence of dark circles. As we age, our skin tends to show different signs of aging that might include skin conditions like dark circles, large pores, stretch marks, and many other conditions. You can make this better for you by following a healthy lifestyle and especially a healthy diet.

  • Dehydration

 Dehydration refers to the lack of water content in your body. It is very important to have a certain amount of water each day. The people who do not consume the preferred amount of water generally face conditions like dark circles and dryness. You should keep a check on your water consumption each and every day.

  • Fatigue

Fatigue refers to the aftermath of the overexertion. Fatigue shows different signs indicating that our body is tired enough. Sleep deprivation because of any reason is also a major cause of the occurrence of dark circles. If you are not getting at least 7-8 hours of sleep each night then you are most likely to face such conditions as dark circles.

Not only sleep deprivation but oversleeping can also be a reason behind the dark circles on your face. It is important to get a good amount of sleep but not too much.

  • Eyestrain

Most of the people these days have dark circles and a very big reason behind that is we all have to sit in front of the TV, mobile, and computer for hours. These long hours of our daily screen time are a big cause of the occurrence of dark circles. You should put a limit on your screen time for each day. You should try to take little breaks and not stare at the screen continuously for hours.

  • Lifestyle

 The way your daily routine works also plays a huge role in the occurrence of dark circles. If you have a lifestyle that includes taking a lot of pressure or stress, then there are high chances for you to have these dark circles.

  • Genes

Family history is a big factor in determining how your skin and body would be. If you have a family history of having the skin condition it is most likely that those genes have been passed on to you too. There might be no problem with your lifestyle or habits but if you acquire these genetics then you are likely to have this skin condition of dark circles.

Chemical Peel Treatment

The chemical peel treatment is used by a lot of people to remove the bags in the form of dark circles under their eyes. In this treatment different chemicals are taken in a particular concentration as advised by the dermatologist. The chemicals lighten the darker area around your eyes to match the normal color of your skin.

The chemical peel used for the treatment of dark circles is the Glycolic Acid peel. This peel is from the category of AHA peels. The Glycolic Acid peel is quite good for the cure of hyperpigmentation which is the darkening of a particular area. The concentration of the peel to be used should be advised by your dermatologist.

The most important thing in the chemical peel treatment is aftercare. There are certain instructions that are to be followed to get the best results and avoid any side effects. These instructions include not putting the second round of peel or some other peel before 15 days. There should be this time gap between two rounds to give your skin time to see if this method is effective on your skin and also to look out for any side effects that you might face. Next, you should use a good sunscreen just after 24 hours in order to protect your skin as these peels are sensitive to the sunlight. You should also avoid the sun for at least 2 weeks after the first round of the chemical peel.

Laser treatment for Dark Circles

Laser treatment is also a very preferred treatment among people for the removal of dark circles. In this treatment, laser technology is used to boost the production of collagen in the lower layers of the skin which leads to the enhancement of skin, removing the extra pigmentation under your eyes. This treatment does not let your upper layers of the skin be affected. The action is directly taken in the lower layers, rejuvenating the tissues in the lower layers which helps you to get past all the skin conditions like dark circles.

This treatment should be done and advised by a trusted dermatologist. This involves some sensitive areas like around your eyes and should be done by the best people. Laser treatment is preferred by a lot of people because the pain is minimal. Also, the recovery time for this treatment is very little. That is why this treatment lets you go on with your life without causing any disturbances in your lifestyle.

Although, this treatment shows results for the removal of dark circles within 4-6 sittings. But the number of sittings entirely depends upon the extent of your dark circles and your skin. The number of sittings that you have to take depends on well your skin is reacting to the treatment.

PRP treatment for Dark Circles

PRP is referred to as Platelet-Rich Plasma. This treatment involves turning PRP into an injectable form. This is done because these plasma that are rich in platelets are good for healing. We use this property of PRP to heal the skin conditions the patient is going through. This is also called the “Vampire Facial” in other words.

This plasma has anti-inflammatory properties and facilitates the production of collagen which is needed for the removal of hyperpigmentation in the form of dark circles under your eyes. This process also helps with the blood vessels which reduces the hyperpigmentation.

The advantages of this method over other filler methods are that this method does not include any foreign products. The plasma taken is from your own body with few chances of infection and side effects. Although there are some factors that are considered before the treatment. Your body should be ready enough in terms of blood and plasma for this method.

People usually go for this method because it is way more healthy than other artificial products that are used in the treatment. There are 4-5 sittings of this treatment in order to see the full effects. But people have claimed to see the results after the first sitting only. You can see the results after a few days of the first sitting as it takes some days for the skin to absorb the PRP and start healing.

This treatment is a bit expensive as compared to other treatments for the skin condition of dark circles. Also, this method is not a quick fix for your dark circles. This treatment takes some time to let your skin heal from all the collagen loss and to boost the production of collagen for the removal of hyperpigmentation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can ice remove dark circles? 

Yes. Ice can be used to temporarily reduce the puffiness and swelling caused under your eyes. This is done by shrinking the dilated blood vessels with the help of cold compression. You can take a cotton cloth and wrap some ice cubes in it or you can dip a cotton cloth in cold chilled water and apply press on your skin under the eyes.

What deficiency causes dark circles? 

Dark circles can also be caused by the deficiency of some particular vitamins and minerals in our daily diet. Vitamin B12, Vitamin K, Vitamin E, and Vitamin D are known to be the vitamins whose lack can cause the occurrence of dark circles under your eyes. B12 facilitates the production of red blood cells, and its lack causes hyperpigmentation under the eyes causing dark circles. Lack of vitamin B12 is also associated with an iron deficiency which can cause dark circles.

How can I remove dark circles permanently at home? 

You can remove the dark circles under your eyes at home by using natural products and methods other than artificial ones. There is a method that can work out for you if you repeat it every night in routine. You should mix equal amounts of almond oil and vitamin E. You have to massage this mixture under your eyes for 2 minutes. Then, you have to keep this under-eye mask overnight. In the morning, wash your face with cold water. This would help in blood circulation and reduce the dark circles under your skin.

Does honey reduce dark circles? 

Yes. Honey can be a natural product that could help you reduce the skin condition of dark circles. Honey is good at boosting the production of collagen which in turn reduces the hyperpigmentation under your eyes. Honey is also a good product for the improvement of blood circulation which helps in reducing dark circles. You can try this product to see if this one works out for you.

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